Discover Osaka: Namba District

Day 5

January 1, 2013

Namba District
Osaka, Japan

After breakfast at Shinonomesu ryokan, we packed our bag and traveled back by train to our hotel in Shin-Osaka. Our plan is to spend the rest of the afternoon in Rinku Premium Outlets.

boarding the subway train for the first time

To get to Rinku town, we had to passed by Namba, regarded as the center of the so-called Minami (South) area of Osaka. It is most famous for Glico Man and of course, the Kani Doraku Crab. Both of which are located in Dotonbori canal.

More on Namba after the break...

ticket fare from Shin-Osaka Station to Namba via subway JPY 270 (PhP135)

We took the Midosuji Line going to Namba district.

Namba is best known as the city's main south-central railway terminus: JR, Kintetsu, Nankai and three lines of the Osaka Municipal Subway have stations there. - SOURCE

 Some of the Japanese fashion that we saw around Namba...

Japanese fashion #1 

Japanese fashion #2


I saw Lawson stores everywhere. It's like their local version of Watsons and 7-Eleven.

Dotonbori Canal

Glico Man

life imitates art

welcome to Namba district

Shin Sai Bashi-Suji

One of the many shopping arcades in Namba.

Ferris Wheel

line for takoyaki

Kani Doraku Crab

Partyland in Namba

Partyland Frozen Yogurt

inside Partyland

Ebisubashi Shopping Arcade

one of the busy streets in Namba

bound for Rinku Town

ticket fare from Namba (Nankai) to Rinku Town via Nankai LTD Ex Rapis 49 or Nankai Airport Express JPY 740 (PhP 370)

Rinku Town

I bought a Coach bag, you can view it here

After spending four hours in Rinku Town, we went back to Namba for dinner.

 the restaurant we went to for dinner in Namba district

 this machine took our order ; p

my order beef teppanyaki JPY 850 (PhP 425)

beef teppanyaki

miso soup
steak sauce

DH's order is Chicken and beef teppanyaki JPY 890 (PhP 445)

Other visual displays we saw during our short trip to Namba...

no motorcycles in Japan, only bikes

Glico Man at night

That's about it! I am almost done with my Osaka, Japan entries. We visited Osaka Castle next. Stay tuned! Happy Valentine's Day!

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