The Highlander Steakhouse in Tagaytay

March 28, 2013

The Highlander Steakhouse
Tagaytay Highlands
Brgy. Calabuso, Tagaytay City

Happy Easter to all! 

Last Maundy Thursday, my family and I trooped to Tagaytay for some R&R. We rented one house inside The Villas in Tagaytay Highlands for two nights. As usual, I was tasked to make the itinerary for next three days. One of the restaurants on my list is The Highlander Steakhouse.

 roast beef displayed near the entrance

Making a reservation is not an easy task. I tried calling on Wednesday to book a table for 8 but the line was either busy or routed to a fax.

So, the first thing we did upon arriving in Highlands was to make a reservation. The receptionist told me that the restaurant is only accepting walk-ins, all reservation slots were already taken... bummer!

Were we able to get a table? Find out after the break...

 complimentary bread and butter (refillable)

At 6:15pm, we were already inside the restaurant. I saw several vacant tables located in the veranda where I made a tentative reservation but all those tables were already taken. Anyway, we were given a table located in the basement. The ambiance was nothing like the one upstairs, it was more like a function room converted to an additional dining space. We took it anyway because we were all sooo hungry!

The complimentary bread and butter was served half an hour later- that's after several requests ; ( That was just the beginning, due to the large number of guests, service was terrible. After dinner, DH and I even went to the cashier just to get our bill.

 Roast Rack of Lamb PhP 1520

I ordered a Roast Rack of Lamb. It was not the best-tasting lamb but it was tender. The herb crust's flavor is a bit over the top, I could not taste the lamb anymore.

 Jessie James Rib-eye Steak PhP 1,380

DH ordered a medium well done Jessie James Rib-eye Steak. The steak was tender but for its price, it was not as thick as we have expected.

Other food on our table...

 Fillet Mignon (10 oz.) PhP 1,480

My SIL ordered a well done Fillet Mignon. An alternative, Petit Fillet Mignon (7oz.) costs PhP 1,280.

 Grilled Salmon Steak PhP 880

 New York Striploin Steak PhP 1598

All three steaks were cooked medium well even though my BIL ordered a medium rare and my SIL ordered a well done steak.

 Barbecue Baby Back Ribs PhP 820

DH and I had a bite of Barbecue Baby Back Ribs and we both commented that it was too saucy. In fact, when you look at the plate, it seems that the baby back ribs were swimming in sauce ; p

All steaks came with 2 side dishes, the following were the "correct" ones that we ordered...

 Potatoes Au Gratin PhP 158

Aside from being the most expensive under Sides, Potatoes Au Gratin tasted really good. I suggest that you order this together with your steak or whatever you are having ; )

Highlands Mashed Potato PhP 138

  Baked Potato PhP 98

Aside from waiting too long for our orders to arrive (it took forever), most of the side dishes served were not the ones that we ordered. The waiter was able to deliver the correct side dishes several minutes after serving the main course though.

I want to go back and give it another chance maybe not when the restaurant is full house so I can enjoy the food and the ambiance.

All prices are inclusive of 12% VAT, exclusive of local tax.

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