Cedar Fresh Cedar Power Spray

Do you have Cedar hangers, blocks, balls, chests or closets that need restoration of its aroma? Well, I found just the right product- Cedar Power Spray by Cedar Fresh. It is sold in Howards Storage World, Shangri-la Plaza Mall.

 Cedar Fresh Cedar Power Spray PhP 299.75

A word of caution... this product is flammable because one of its ingredients is denatured alcohol- to help penetrate the wood.

To know how to use the product, read more after the break...

 Cedar Blocks and Ball


  1. Spray directly onto the cedar wood until wet
  2. Let dry
  3. Then spray again

 recently treated Cedar wood

I tried and used it on my old Cedar blocks and balls and it works. Now I need to find the rest of the Cedar blocks hidden in the closet ; p

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