Murano Glass Bracelet in Podium

Il Mercante Di Venezia Enterprise
2nd Floor, Podium Mall

When I went to Podium a few months ago, I spotted a kiosk in Podium selling glass accessories. It is aptly named Murano. Last weekend, I finally decided and bought a piece from their collection of glass bead bracelets.

Murano glass bead bracelet

The kiosk carries one of a kind jewelries. I was choosing between the red flower bracelet (not in the photo) and this green bracelet. My family helped me decide which piece to get and we all agreed that the green bracelet suits me best so that's what I bought ; )

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Murano gift box

Certificato Di Garanzia Murano Made in Venice Italy

The sales lady said that there's a lifetime guarantee for all Murano items bought in their kiosk. If one of the glass bead is broken or shattered, all I have to do is bring it back to the kiosk and they will replace it at no cost. It takes a week though before you can get it back.
Murano glass bracelet

 Since the bracelet is made of glass, it is quite heavy when worn on wrist.

Murano glass bracelet

Disclaimer: I am not an expert so I don't know if what this stall is selling is the real thing.

Murano has another shop located in Mezzanine Level, EDSA Shangri-la Plaza Hotel.

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