Wildflour Cafe opens in Podium

July 14, 2013

Wildflour Cafe + Bakery
Ground Floor, The Podium

UPDATE---> Wildflour Cro-Nut

I scheduled a trip to Podium with my family last weekend because I want to buy a glass bracelet from Murano. On our way to the second floor where the kiosk was located, I spy Wildflour Cafe. You can't miss it as it was the only restaurant on the ground floor that is full of diners. It does not help that there are only a few tables and chairs in and outside of the cafe.

 Warm Sticky Icky Bun (Sticky Bun) PhP 130

Anyway, I made a reservation (I was first on the list...woot!). We waited for 15 minutes before we were given a table. While waiting, I asked the manager/supervisor which items on the menu are the bestsellers. I mentally noted Croque Madame... whatever that is ; p I just like the soshal sounding name lol

I had to order Wildflour's famous Sticky Bun before they ran out of it. These caramelized buns with nuts on top is a must try! I can't get enough of the syrup on top ; )

Wildflour Cafe...hype nga lang ba? Read more after the break...

 Hazelnut Bomboloni PhP 75

Yes, Hazelnut Bomboloni is PhP 75 a piece ; ( I say that this is pretty expensive for something that taste like bicho bicho

 Croque Madame PhP 420

Brioche bread, gruyere cheese, ham and egg... that's Croque Madame! Omygawd... ang mahal lol My sister can't finish her share because of umay factor. I, on the other hand, enjoyed it as in sinimot ko kasi ang mahal lol

 Wildflour's cappuccino 16oz PhP 155

We ordered two large cappuccino and split each order into two cups (stingy na kung stingy) ; p An 8oz drink is only cheaper by PhP 20 ; p

Because of its price, I think I won't be going back to Wildflour Cafe any time soon.

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