Trinoma Green Light Sale: FitFlop

September 13-15, 2013

Trinoma Green Light Sale

Ready, set, shop!

Hi there! I just got back from Trinoma Green Light Sale ; ) There are so many stores on sale but I only have enough time to buy from only one store- FitFlop ; (

 guess which FitFlop I bought?

It was my mom who was searching for a new pair of FitFlop for a long time, luckily, I saw that the  S-A-L-E sign. We went right in to check out designs in our size. We chose the 2 least expensive designs lol Yeah, we were both cheapskate ; )

To view my newly bought FitFlop, read more after the break...


The box still looks good ah even though it's on sale. 

 what's inside?

 a pair of Frou in Fuchsine originally priced at PhP 4990

 it was marked down to PhP 2470

 but I bought it for... tadaaah---> PhP 1600

That's like what (?) approximately 68% savings!

 FitFlop Frou Fuchsine UK4 US6 EUR37

I like the color and style, it's so me ; p The cashier told me that they were selling last season's style until supply lasts. I don't really care if it's last season's, all I care about is the bargain price.

Since FitFlop is my mom's staple shoes, she bought two...

 FitFlop Ciela in Pewter PhP 3290 PhP 1800

FitFlop Frou in Pebble PhP 1600

You can still catch Trinoma Green Light Sale until tomorrow! Happy shopping! Let me know what you bought ; )

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