DolceLatte is More Than Just Croughnuts

DolceLatte Cafe Gourmet Bakeshop
1616 Quezon Avenue,
South Triangle, Quezon City
3323407   4250313 loc. 109 & 120

I visited DolceLatte twice in less than a month. On my first visit, I went there right after having dinner at Boon Tong Kee in Tomas Morato. My friends and I ordered a box of croughnuts to share along with a couple of drinks. Perusing the menu, I saw lamb chops and I said to myself that I shall return. And I did, this time with our YVR group of friends.

Valrhon Crunch PhP 110

Valrhona Crunch was among DolceLatte's best seller and it was simply a joy to eat, very chocolate-y. 

In DolceLatte, all croughnuts are PhP 110 each so a box of six would easily set you back at PhP 660. Please be sure to call in advance and reserve. We never did but we were really lucky on my first visit because the restaurant still has a box left waiting for us ; )

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Custard Cream

DolceLatte do not recommend refrigerating and serving them warm because these will cause the croughnuts to be greasy and soggy.

For the first time, DH agreed that Custard Cream is our favorite, it wasn't too sweet.

Apple Cinnamon (new), Custard Cream, Blueberry Creamcheese
Nutty Nutella, Valrhona and Raspberry Creamcheese (new)

While WildFlour's cronuts are crunchy and flaky, DolceLatte's croughnuts are soft and chewy. Although I have read that WildFlour's version is closest to the original crounuts by Dominique Ansel, I prefer DolceLatte's version.

with my good friends

Second visit starts here...

Sopa de Mariscus PhP 186

An assortment of seafood slowly simered in tomatoes, herbs and spices
I highly recommend ordering this soup. It has generous serving of ingredients like prawns, tahong and the like.

Watermelon Salad PhP 296

Crisp red and green lettuce accompanied with citrusy apple vinaigrette, watermelons, pine nuts, feta cheese, griled chicken filet, topped with alfafa sprouts
Watermelon is not in the photo because it was served on a separate plate.

Citrus Grilled Shrimp Salad PhP 425

Tiger prawns, arugua, romaine lettuce, kiwi and peach slices, chery tomatoes, pecan brittle, and cranberries with a sweet and tangy peach lemon vinaigrette

This is more my type of salad. It's all about shrimp, shrimp and more shrimps! The first one was DH's choice ; p

Gambas Al Ajilio PhP 395

Spicy shrimps in olive oil topped with crunchy garlic

I say save your money and order something else from the menu. It's expensive but if you don't mind the price, go and indulge!
Nachos PhP 310

Crispy tortilla chips with picadilo meat, pico de gallo and jalapeno with out homemade cheese sauce and fresh salsa

Nachos lack some sauce on it. I have to dig deeper to find it lol

Chicken Fingers PhP 225

Hand-battered chicken fillet, deep fried until goden brown, served with fries 

Dolcelatte Pizza Supreme PhP 595

Loaded with Italian sausage, ham, ground beef, bacon, olives, pineapple bits, bell pepper and mushrooms

Don't miss out on this one! Be sure to order DolceLatte's signature pizza when you visit.

with our YVR eating buddies ; p

Ok, you might be wondering where did the lamb go that I told you about in my first paragraph. Well, we ordered too much soup, salad, appetizers that when it came to main entrees, we were all too full and had no room for it ; p Yes, your guess is right, I am going back for that lamb chops! 

In the mean time, I need to get some shuteye, it's already 3:45am here in Toronto! Good night, world!

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