Dolcelatte Revisited: Dolcelatte Cheesecake

November 23, 2013

Dolcelatte Cafe and Gourmet Bakeshop
1616 Quezon Avenue,
Quezon City

After our trip to Rockwell, my family and I went to Dolcelatte Cafe for some cake and coffee. I love its cozy interior, even my parents were impressed. While my little girl was watching the fishes in a makeshift pond, I, on the other hand, was busy looking at the various cakes available at the cake counter near the cashier.

Dolcelatte Cheesecake PhP 145

Rich luscious caramel with a bittersweet hint of coffee in our signature cheesecake

Dolcelatte Cheesecake caught my eyes. I don't want to deprive myself so I took a few bites, two to be exact. I was not so sure that I have tasted it right the first time lol It was not sweet at all, it tasted more more on the bitter side. I have to brush my cake with caramel syrup to bring a little sweetness to the cake. Oh, I ate a piece of white chocolate too ; )

I like it, I wish I could eat more...

Gamberetti PhP 595
Mild-spiced pizza with tiger prawns,mushrooms,onions and bell pepper

I just found out that a slice of pizza is around 300kcal... waaaaaah! Gamberretti is a thin crust pizza with layers of bell pepper, olives, sliced button mushrooms and generous number of chopped prawns. I don't think the mayo dressing (?) on top is bagay with this pizza. Solve na ako without the mayo on top!

Cappuccino 12 oz PhP 128

My mom ordered a cup of Cappuccino. It is also available in 8 oz PhP 108. For decaf, just add PhP 20.

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