Monocle by Native Union Speaker + Handset + Speakerphone in ONE!


I got this cool gadget called Monocle by Native Union. It's a speaker, handset and speakerphone all rolled into one unit. Sounds complicated but it's not... really!

Monocle by Native Union PhP 2250

Let's start with the unboxing...

  • Monocle unit
  • accessories like charging cable and loop
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty Card
  • Sign Up Card
  • Lookbook 2013

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many ways to use the Monocle

Insert the 3.5mm jack to your preferred device, you can now start using your Monocle as:

A speaker:

  1. Press the button once to play or pause music
  2. To skip- Double click to skip to the next track*
  3. To back-track: Triple click to go back a track*

A Handset:

  1. Using your device to dial a number and use this as a handset instead

A speakerphone:

  1. To turn the speaker mode ON- rotate the wheel until it clicks
  2. White LED will lit up (as seen in the photo) indicating the speaker mode in ON
  3. To turn the speaker mode OFF- rotate the wheel counter clockwise until it clicks and the LED turns OFF
  4. To adjust the volume- turn the wheel clockwise or counterclockwise to increase/decrease the volume
*Not all device support this function.

Monocle by Native Union
How to daisy-chain* your Monocle:

  • Insert the 3.5mm jack of the second Monocle into the AUX-out of the first Monocle

*Link up to 2 Monocles together to share your calls either in handset or speakerphone mode

You can daisy-chain up to 10 Monocles together to provide the best listening experience. Monocle is just right for me, not too loud, just enough sound for my comfort. I tried using it with Viber, the sound was crisp and clear. I watched a video with it and played songs too! See, that was not hard, isn't it?

For product specification, read here.To know more about Native Union, visit its website here. Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. Monocle by Native Union is distributed by Digits Trading. Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. Also available in Beyond The Box, Digital Walker and Digital Hub.

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