My Favorite Dessert At Icebergs Banawe

Icebergs Banawe
Sienna, Quezon City

The night before my SIL left for Canada, the whole family got together to give her a despedida party of sorts. We had dinner in Mandarin Sky and then went to our favorite dessert place, Icebergs also located in Banawe.

Strawberry Mango con Hielo PhP 158

Of course, I ordered my favorite, Strawberry Mango con Hielo. I opted for ube ice cream to play with the flavors of my dessert. It's the perfect blend of the sweetness of mango and the sourness of strawberry. Ube is becoming one of my favorite ice cream flavors. I discovered it late but nonetheless, I am enjoying every "bite" of it. Read all about the dessert that DH ordered after the break...

Caramel Flan con Hielo PhP 128
DH ordered Caramel Flan con Hielo. His order looked so tempting. Even though I am on a diet, I can't help it, I scooped two spoonfuls of flan with bananas. I also ate the cherry on top since my order did not have one ; p

We ended the night with full tummies and happy memories with family.

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