Sunday Lunch At Golden Fortune Seafood Restaurant in Binondo

November 17, 2013

Golden Fortune Seafood Restaurant

Ground Floor Peace Hotel
1283 Soler St., Binondo, Manila
2442777   2442888

I drove to the faraway land of Binondo two Sundays ago to buy a piece of friction back for my daughter's earring. We lost it when we went to Toronto last month. 

After buying what I needed, my family and I went to Golden Fortune Seafood Restaurant for lunch. 

Prawn Salad Hot PhP 480

I always order Prawn Salad when I eat in a Chinese restaurant. Golden Fortune's version is one of the best that I have tasted with generous number of prawns and a lot of salad! Super love this!

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complimentary pickled vegetables

I think we had three plates of pickled vegetable ; p

steamed suahe PhP 270/100grm

Dad wanted suahe so I ordered one for him. These are live, fresh shrimps that are cook upon order.

Sweet & Sour Pork PhP 280

I am getting hungry as I type this entry because I am seeing my favorite Chinese dish of all... Sweet and Sour Pork.  This dish was yummy!

Fried Taro Cake PhP 75
By the time Fried Taro Cake was served, I was already full. I was not able to taste this one but my folks said that it was really good.

Shrimp Hakaw PhP 80

Asado Siopao 2 pcs. Php 65

Other dimsum we have ordered were Asado Siopao and Hakaw. Both were delicious as well.

Ube Jelly with pineapple

Desserts are complimentary. Each person can choose between ube jelly with pineapple or almond (not in the photo).

Overall, the service was fast and efficient. Except for Taro Cake, the orders came out in succession. The food was delicious. I would go back and eat here again.

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