Merry Christmas From #MartinezFamily + OOTD

Yesterday, I was so tired! We attended 3 parties and by 11 pm, I was already in la-la-land lol

Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas OOTD:

On #babyMartinez: sequined British flag dress from Elle
On MrsMartinez: Juana dress
On MrMartinez: Calvin Klein (top); DKNY (bottom)

Before we went to bed, we took a family photo and #babyMartinez opened most of her gifts with my help, of course. Aside from toys, she got tons of new dresses from family, friends and ninongs/ninangs. I will feature them in my next entry. I pity her yaya because she will be washing lots and lots of dresses in the next few days ; p

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my Christmas tree all lit up!

The reason why there's still no gifts under this Christmas tree is because this was taken a few days after I put it up. Everything was still in order lol You should see my Christmas tree now but I won't show you it to you lol I still have not opened some of the gifts because I slept early last night. I will open the gifts today or tomorrow, I will keep you posted!

view from the living room

Each year I try to vary the Christmas decor/theme. This year, I was not able to shop for ornaments, I was too busy. Sorry naman! I promise to make it up next year!

posing beside my Christmas tree

I don't want to get very sentimental with this post but I wanted you all to know that I appreciate you, dear readers, for coming back each day, everyday, just to read what I had to share.

Thank you for continuously supporting my blog. May the next year be brighter and merrier!

From my family to yours---> Merry Christmas and have a blessed New Year! Cheers!

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