My Pink Wasabi (Kashi Maki) Experience

Pink Wasabi
The Collective
Unit 7274 Malugay St.,
Makati City

Have you heard of Pink Wasabi? I don't know anything about it until Jane Go gifted me with gift certificates for guesting on her blog- Sugar Spice & Everything Nice.

Pink Wasabi 1 box of 18 including a pair of chopsticks PhP 540

What is Pink Wasabi?

Pink Wasabi sells Kashi Maki in boxes of 4 (PhP 140), 9 (PhP 280) and 18.

What is Kashi Maki?

 It is a sweet hand-rolled cake crafted to look like a maki sushi.

Kashi in Japanese means sweet while Maki (Makizushi) is a cylindrical shaped sushi.

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Chef's A Pop Secret aka Choco Caramel Popcorn

Chocolate cake, chocolate caramel ganache, dark chocolate wrap, chocolate covered popcorn

Coffee Kahlua

Almond cake, coffee kahlua dark chocolate ganache, milk chocolate wrap, white chocolate chips

newest flavor: Almond cake 

cinnamon milk chocolate ganache with Malagos Chocolate's cocoa nibs, wrapped in milk chocolate and topped with perfectly roasted marshmallows

Oolong Berry

 Almond cake, strawberry white chocolate oolong tea infused ganache, white chocolate wrap, strawberry jelly

White Matcha

Pistachio cake, green tea infused white chocolate ganache, white chocolate tablet

Midnight Mint wrapped in dark choco and Coconut Dream

Chocolate cake, peppermint tea infused chocolate ganache, dark chocolate wrap, mint jelly

Pistachio cake, coconut white chocolate ganache, white chocolate wrap, pistachio nut

Nutella Sesame
Chocolate cake, nutella dark chocolate ganache, black sesame seeds

These bite-sized sushi cakes are so delish! I thought it was sweet but it was not. One bite was not enough. I tried controlling myself to no avail. I did the next best thing, share it with family and friends lol

Note: Best when served at room temperature. 

Thanks Jane Go for letting me try this one-of-a-kind Kashi Maki from Pink Wasabi

Thanks Pink Wasabi for delivering 2 boxes of Kashi Sushi at my preferred address

You can like Pink Wasabi on Facebook. Follow them on Twitter (@mypinkwasabi) and Instagram (@kashimaki) for more cute photos of their creations.

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