Beauty Trends: Absynthe Hair Goddess Shampoo & Conditioner

As of this writing, my pair of Absynthe Hair Goddess (shampoo & conditioner) is already empty. I already used it up to the last drop. My verdict- I am a satisfied user!

The company, Absynthe Bath & Beauty, is a direct selling company. It promotes natural products that are free from paraben, SLS, SLES, mineral oil, liquid paraffin, Propylene Glycol and petroleum by-products. Instead of using those mentioned harmful chemicals, Absynthe uses an all-natural carrier oil, the purest of pure essentials oils for its therapeutic properties and plant extracts, just exactly what your skin deserves! Some of the products are even safe for babies ; )

Absynthe Hair Goddess Shampoo 200ml PhP 479 ; Absynthe Hair Goddess Conditioner 100ml PhP 349

Since I have colored treated hair, my stylist recommended that I use sulfate-free products on my hair. The package from Absynthe came just in time. I opened the boxful of beauty products and used both shampoo and conditoner first. 

I used both shampoo and conditioner for about two months, yes, super tipid lang ang peg! Just a squirt from the bottle shampoo was enough for my short hair. The conditioner worked really well in managing my hair in terms of softness and shine. 

Read more about the other products from Absynthe after the break...

Absynthe Hair Goddess Shampoo 200ml PhP 479

Absynthe Hair Goddess Shampoo is like a clarifying shampoo. Using it alone, I find it hard to run my fingers through my wet hair. I have to follow it up with conditioner. After using it for about a month or so, my scalp became itchy so I gave it a rest. My scalp has gotten used to it and I guess it's time for a change of shampoo so I went back to using Head & Shoulders Clinical Strength Shampoo. A few weeks after, I switched back to Absynthe Hair Goddess Shampoo and everything works well again until I finished the entire bottle. 
Absynthe Hair Goddess Conditioner 100ml PhP 349

Now, Absynthe Hair Goddess Conditioner is a different story. This is my absolute favorite product! In my shower caddy, I have 3 conditioners and I am happy to say that this is what I have been using continuously.

Just squirt a small amount of product out of the tube, apply it on your hair, concentrating on ends. My hair feels so good to touch right after and silky smooth too! I dread the fact that I have now used up the entire tube... waaaaaaaah!

Did I tell you that these products smell good too? You should try it!

Below are some of the other products Absynthe Bath & Beauty which I have not used as of the moment. All seals are still intact.

Absynthe Hair Potion Precious Oil Elixir PhP 749

Absynthe Pure Intention Ferulic C & E Serum PhP 749

Absynthe Premium Emu Soap White Goddess Potent Whitening Soap PhP 165

Absynthe Emu Oil 10ml PhP 225 ; Absynthe Argan Oil 10ml PhP 190

Absynthe Creme Dela Creme Premium Whitening Body Creme with argan Oil PhP 298; 

Absynthe Don't Bug Me Insect Repellant PhP 110.

I am so excited to try the other products from the brand, well, except for the whitening soap hahaha They all look promising to me. Have you tried one or two of the products? What are your thoughts?

Visit Absynthe to view more products and price list.

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