My Hair Story (Pixie & Curls)

Through the years, I have experimented with my hair to achieve different looks. From long hair, I told my hairstylist to cut it so I can sport the pixie cut look. Yes, that was even before the star of Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence, decided to cut her hair short lol

When I go crazy, like the time I was in Korea 2011, I bought an orange color hair dye and dyed my hair with the assistance of DH (of course!) inside our hotel room. I have donned a red hair, heck, I even experimented with purple streak just recently.

January 2014- present hairstyle

The photo above is my recent hairstyle. If you ask until when I can stand this style, I don't know for sure and I cannot give you a definite answer. Who knows tomorrow I might change its color or I might chop it all off. The latter will be far from reality lest I want DH to leave me for another girl hahaha

Every time people see me with a different hairstyle and ask me why I do it, this is always my answer---> So DH can wake up to a different girl every time lol

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November 2013- purple streak courtesy of JuRo Salon Exclusif

For my hair experience with JuRo, read here.

November 2013

Just a few days before the JuRo hair experiment, I was sporting a Burgundy hair color courtesy of L'Oreal (Majirel) x Philippe Tordjmann of Le Salon in Sofitel Philippine Plaza. You can read the full article here.

August 2013

In August 2013, it was a spur of the moment decision to go Korean style called Hong Dae courtesy of Bangs Tony and Jackey. For pricing and full article, read here.

April 2013

In this file photo, I decided to let my hair grow. This was taken right after my haircut at Bangs Tony and Jackey, it was not sponsored and I paid from my own pocket ; p You can view more pics here.

February 2013

#Selfie photo, this was taken a few months after my pixie cut. I was trying to be a fashion blogger in the entry so prepare yourself with my very own fashion poses when you open the link haha

This was also the time I tried L'Oreal Keratin Steam Care Service which is exclusively available in all Bench Fix Lab.

December 2012 my shortest haircut to date- pixie!

I took the plunge and went pixie in time for our trip to Osaka, Japan! This photo was taken in a vegetarian (yes! as in gulay!) restaurant called Yudofuya found inside Ryoanji Temple.

October 2012

The photo was taken on Marj's birthday party cum blowout at Entice Salon. International Creative Director, William Wong, colored my hair with Majilift 12.11. That day, my eyebrows were colored with the same color as my hair... todo na ika nga!

August 2012

This was taken during my hair makeover experience with Tinette & Co. With me in the photo is my stylist for the day.

April 2012

I was playing with some makeup in this photo, what do you think of my look? Well, Lancome thinks it's great because I won 10k worth of products in "Hypnose Doll Eyes" contest... yey!

January 2012

I dyed my hair orange while I was in Korea. I used The Face Shop's  The Face Shop Hair Color Cream in Orange Brown (8O) PhP180 (W4400).  Read more about my hair color here.

December 2011

To usher the new year, I decided to chop my hair off. I chronicled the transformation here.

Bangs!  November 2011

Bangs phase!  I told you I did every style you can think of hahaha I wrote a DIY article about curling your own hair. Here's the link here if you are interested.

Fiery Red November 2011

I colored my hair with Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring in Red Wine. Read entry here.

July 2011

This is my very first hair color done in Hair Asia. The color is L'Oreal Majirel 5.5 Light Mahogany Brown.

When in Boracay... braid hair! June 2011

I was in Boracay with a friend and hair braiding is the first thing in our agenda ; p

April 2011

Taken during the Pond's Unbeaten Whitening Experience with my good friend, Cats.

January 2011

Read about my setting experience with Tony and Jackey here.

leaving you with this photo of DH and I

I miss my long hair!!! And my curlssss!

There you go! I hope my hairstyles inspired you to be bold and daring ; p Go ahead try something different this year!

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