Regine Tolentino's Zumba Stars Fitness Party at Robinsons Magnolia

January 18, 2014

Regine Tolentino's Zumba Stars Fitness Party 
Robinsons Magnolia

I came from a meeting when I heard loud music coming from the Atrium at the ground floor of Robinsons Magnolia. The star of the party, Regine Tolentiono, was practicing her dance moves for the Zumba Stars Fitness Party scheduled at 1 pm. 

I thought to myself, "Darn, that's today?!" I was not wearing proper Zumba attire. I want to join the fun so I dragged my sister and signed our names at the registration booth for typhoon Yolanda victims, gave my donation, had the back of our hands stamped and we're in!

Regine Tolentino

After waiting for 1 1/2 hours, the show finally started. There were many awards presented and prizes that were given away. The party started really late at around 3pm. Yeah, we were bored to death but the thought of dancing Zumba later on kept us on our toes.

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Atrium, Robinsons Magnolia

This photo was take around 1:30 pm, people in Zumba attires came in with their group mates and friends. My sister and I were clearly out of place hahaha But what the heck, right?

and the party begins

With what we were wearing, FitFlop and Ipanema sandals, we lasted only on 5 songs hahaha I guess we needed more practice and exercise in our lives to have the stamina of these people lol

Zumba party time!

I heard the announcer that the party will last until 7 pm. I don't know for sure because we left right after the 5th song... panting and grasping for air lol I needed water... pronto!

everybody project to the highest level

We had a fun and sweaty afternoon! I wish I could do it again but next time, I will come well-prepared!

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