Home & Style: A Mansion with a Mini Golf Course

My long time friend recently moved in to her new 5-bedroom mansion which is seated in more or less 1000 square meter land. I refer to it as a mansion because it's gorgeous and huge and at the same time there's a homey feel to it. 

a mansion called home

Our group of friends went and visited her home last December for our annual Christmas party. That's why you can Christmas decorations and a 12 ft tall Christmas Tree still standing near the main door.

Read more for the full view of the house....

photo taken from the second floor

L-shaped sofa set

12 ft tall Christmas Tree

chandelier with timer in the living room

red and white clean kitchen

formal dining area

Agi Pagkatipunan dining table

breakfast nook

entrance to the dining area

Most if not all the wooden furniture you can find here were bought from Agi Pagkatipunan.
piano for the little girl


Behind the lanai is the formal dining area. The lanai is facing a mini golf course (pictured below).

mini golf course

outdoor dining area

another Agi Pagkatipunan masterpiece

stairs leading to the second floor

 Children's bedrooms on the second floor....

those are hand-painted drawings on the wall

full view of the headboard

one of the kid's bedroom

my inaanak also has water bottle collection like her ninang ;)

adjoining bathroom



cute star chair... I have to get one for my little girl hahaha

study room

mini bar on the third floor

also double as entertainment room

lounge area

outdoor set up on the third floor

guest room

another view of the guest room

toilet and bath

I hope you enjoyed looking at the photos. This inspired me to feature my other friends' new home so I can share it with you.

Have a great week ahead!

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