No More Wobbly Tables at Bizu Thanks to FLAT Technology

January 18, 2014

Ground Floor
Robinsons Magnolia

Picture this---> The waiter placed your orders on the table and then suddenly one of the glasses filled with water spilled on the table because your table was wobbly. Did that happen to you?

What about joining two tables together because you were in a big group, only to realized that the tables were not aligned at the center? Nobody dares to seat in the middle ; p

A Reliable Dining Experience at Bizu, Robinsons Magnolia

These pet peeves are annoying especially if you want to relax and enjoy the food with whoever you are dining with. Thanks to the FLAT Technology from Australia, my sister and I didn't experience any of those pet peeves mentioned above while we were dining in Bizu, Robinsons Magnolia.

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Bizu Robinsons Magnolia

Unlike in their other branches, Bizu in Robinsons Magnolia has a limited number of items on their menu. The place was not huge but it's a nice restaurant to have a quick lunch or an afternoon dessert.

mango cake

Our orders came in succession. Although I have not taken a photo of our lunch, rest assured we had a good one. Ok, fine, we gobbled it up as soon as it was served on our table hahaha No time wasted lol


Of course, when in Bizu, ordering macarons is a must!

wobbly-free table

My sister and I had a wobbly-free table, thanks to FLAT Technology.

# 1 Solution to Wobbly Table is FLAT Technology

What is FLAT Technology?

All objects manufactured with FLAT® hydraulic technology will find their level on any uneven surface – instantly. Our hydraulic PAD (Patented Actuator Device) technology located within the table base instantly reacts to movement or change in environment. 

FLAT®'s patented technology is unique. We have engineered both the PAD and the PUK (Patented Undercarriage Key) to create an integrated unit. It is incorporated into products at the design stage, so manufacturers aren't stuck with a clumsy, bolt-on after thought. Today, you can find our technology already integrated into a range of popular table bases.

a closer look at hydraulic PAD (Patented Actuator Device)

features of FLAT table base

table base to choose from

FLAT Engineering Stability

Lose the lip!

To learn more about FLAT Technology, visit its website.
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