Bawai's Tagaytay opens a branch in Katipunan Ave. White Plains, Quezon City

February 2, 2014

Bawai's Vietnamese Kitchen
79 Katipunan Ave.,
Bellitudo, White Plains, Quezon City

I have been bugging DH to take me to Bawai's whenever we go to Tagaytay. Two weeks ago, we were there with friends and we planned a side trip to this elusive restaurant but the traffic was unbearable. DH remembered that it opened a branch in Katipunan so we went there instead.

Bawai's Salad PhP 335

For salad, we ordered fresh coconut sprouts with herbs, glazed pork and steamed shrimps with Bawai's dressing and nuts on top. The serving was generous but it lacks dressing and the glazed pork was tough to chew. An order can serve at least 3 persons. DH liked it and almost finished the entire bowl.

Goi Cuon PhP 255

The ingredients of Goi Cuon is almost similar to Bawai's Salad only this time it comes out as a roll, instead of coconut sprouts, rice vermicelli is included. The serving includes a rich peanut sauce.

I liked this one better than the salad. I find the coconut to be too exotic for my taste. I am not used to seeing it on my salad.

Bo Kho PhP 420

I try to get hold of myself and not order the pricier Tom Rang Me PhP 545 (spicy tamarind prawns with chives). I ordered a 12-spice slow-cooked beef stew with potatos, carrots and lemongrass instead.

#yayaMartinez and I shared this order but there's still leftover to take home. The beef was tender and the stew tasted good.

Bun Bo Hue PhP 335

DH is a huge fan of noodle soup! He ordered a Southern Hue original pineapple and deboned pork knuckle noodle soup with mildly spiced slices of beef tenderloin and pork belly. He had to ask for some ingredients that he find lacking in his soup like some beansprouts and basil leaves which the waitress gladly served.

Taste preference varies and this is just my opinion, overall, I can say that I like Pho Hoa better than Bawai's.

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