Marie France FMS Plus + Money back Guarantee

Last January, I wrote about my journey to a "Sexier Me". For three months, I have endured the cold body wrap treatment called Fat Mobilization System (FMS). This treatment was developed in Switzerland, it makes the body react to the cold by producing enzymes that burn calories to generate its own heat and energy.

FMS Plus

I have good news to people, most specially older women, who can't tolerate the extreme coldness of the regular FMS. Marie France has an alternative treatment called Fat Mobilization System PLUS. I have since shifted to FMS Plus. It's more tolerable in terms of temperature but just as effective as the other cold wrap.

On a side note, there's a little bit of itching, more like tingling sensation on some parts of my body, during the treatment. I also noticed redness of my skin right after the treatment. The redness and the tingling sensation subsides a few minutes after the treatment. Even with those side effects, I prefer FMS Plus rather than the regular FMS.

Physique inch-loss

For Physique Inch-Loss, I will resume the treatment on the remaining last two weeks as I only have 6 remaining sessions left.

Physique Inch-Loss stimulates muscles in the abdomen, flanks and back through the Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) technology. It builds, tones and strengthens muscles and firms up sagging areas.

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Marie France Money Back Guarantee Pro-Plus Program does not involve appetite suppression, surgical procedures, injections and exercise so you are guaranteed of a safe, painless, risk-free weight loss.

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