CNY 2014 Celebration at Tiago Progressive Filipino Chinese

January 31, 2014

Tiago Cuisine
85 Scout Fuentebella St., (Kimono Ken side)
Brgy. Sacred Heart, Quezon City

Choosing a new restaurant for Chinese New Year celebration with our growing family is tough but I was able to narrow down my list to Victorino, Twist and Tiago Progressive Filipino Cuisine. In favor of my dad, I chose Tiago because of its fusion cuisine. I scheduled Twist with friends later this week for an early Valentines celebration ; ) I have not decided on Victorino just yet.

Stuffed Pechay in Coconut Cream PhP 279

Among the dishes that we ordered, Stuffed Pechay in Coconut Cream was the most memorable one. We all liked it. There's pork, shrimps, tinapa and peanuts wrapped in pechay then cooked in shrimp paste and coconut cream.

Chopsuey Cold Salad PhP 248

When we arrived, my family already ordered Chopsuey Cold Salad. We were not able to finish it like most of the other dishes that we ordered. I guess we were not accustomed to eating blanched veggies paired with Caesar dressing. It was weird-tasting.

Fried Salmon Belly Strips PhP 324

If these fried salmon belly strips were not too oily (the oil bursts into your mouth), it would have been my favorite.

Siningang na Salmon Belly sa Miso PhP 320

Tiago did a different take on sinigang by using miso as base. It turned out okay but I still like the good old tamarind siningang. In short, it was ham-ham (Chinese term for "okay lang" ; p)

Pinausukang Chicken & Pork Adobo PhP 450

House Specialty Smoked Chicken & Pork with Quail's Egg in Mindanao Adobo Sauce

Before I visited this place, I googled and read blogs that featured this restaurant. Almost all the blogs raved about Tiago's house specialty- Pinausukang Chicken and Pork but I was totally disappointed. There was no meat in pork, all skin and bone. The quail eggs were plenty but adults should not be eating that. The chicken was not so good either so I can't understand how others can rave about it.
I felt that I only got half of what I have paid for.

Lechon PhP 350

When lechon was served to us, we totally didn't recognize it. Take a look at the photo and you be the judge.

Bicol Express PhP 480

Bicol Express, another house specialty, looks more like the lechon we envisioned. This is better-tasting than lechon, also pricier.

Adobo Rice PhP 178

We ordered two plates of Adobo Rice because I also read that this is better tasting than Tinapa rice. I beg to differ with that blogger's opinion. We all find Tinapa Rice tastier than Abodo Rice.

Tinapa Rice PhP 145

Melon Cheese Shake

I like my Melon Cheese Shake, not overwhelming in taste. We skipped desserts because we don't want to be disappointed anymore.

Some points that the restaurant owners should definitely look into---> unpleasant odor of the place, the attentiveness of the servers and the quality of the pork.

Cash basis only, no credit card. Senior Citizen card honored. 

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