Oishi celebrates 40th Anniversary with Daniel Padilla!

Liwayway Marketing Corporation (LMC), makers of Oishi, celebrates its 40th anniversary this year! In line with this, friends from the media including moi were invited to a fun-filled day at Skye Lounge. I spent the day socializing running around with hunks lol Proof is the photo below ; p

youngest hunk I have ever met... Daniel Padilla! We looked so flawless, btw ; p

I know some of you are so green with envy right now seeing Daniel Padilla right here on my blog but don't pass out just yet, I still have a story to tell from last Saturday's event. *wink*

here's the green team- Rowena, her kids and I

I didn't bring #babyMartinez with me because the venue was at the roof deck and it was midafternoon. Plus, the games are for kids 7 and above ; ( Anyway, Rowena gladly shared mommy duties with me hahaha

Oishi Green Team... go, go, go!

Oishi prepared a whole lot of prizes that day. See the red stamp just beside my Oishi band? Read until the end to find out what it was for. On a side note, I love my vintage Citizen Automatic 17 jewels watch!

#TeamO Brand Ambassadors- Elmo Magalona, Slater Young and Ramon Bautista with hosts Suzy Gamboa and RJ Ledesma

Before the game began, there's the usual interview with the 3 brand ambassadors of Oishi namely Elmo Magalona, Slater Young and Ramon Bautista. Oishi O Wow videos were also shown.

Incidentally, you can send in your ideas of an O Wow moment like for example a flash mob in the middle of Luneta grounds with Elmo singing his dad's song Kaleidoscope World. Just tweet it to @oishi_tweets then follow it with hashtag #OishiOWow. Who knows? Your tweet might get chosen and made into #OishiOWow video!

as usual, these 3 were hilarious, okay, just Ramon Bautista lol

Daniel Padilla was introduced as the newest brand ambassador of Oishi

Later on, Daniel Padilla came out on stage and was introduced as the newest brand ambassador for Oishi's #TeamO. Everybody was so crazy happy!

with our team captain, James Younghusband

I am always part of Team James. I was happy when it was announced that James Younghusband would be a part of our group... yey!

James and I together with the winning team's captain, Phil Younghusband

After running around and completing 6 tasks that included milking a fake cow, singing Francis M's Kaleidoscope World and Zorbing among others, Phil Younghusband's Team Yellow won. I learned that we were just 3 points behind huhuhu

wall of prizes

Remember the red stamp that I told you? Well, each stamp bearer was eligible to punch-the-wall. No losers, each hole has a prize to be won! Isn't that great?!

my Baked Porky Popps bag was filled to the brim


Tiffany & Co., Trollbeads and Charriol

I went home tired and sweaty but also very happy because I took home a lot of Oishi fun snacks to share and bonding moments with celebrities and friends. Happy Birthday and thank you, Oishi!

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