Yaku Japanese Grill... where taste matters!

My visit: December 25, 2009

Yaku Japanese Grill
3rd floor, The Podium
ADB Avenue,
Mandaluyong City

Christmas lunch was spent with my side of the family. And after that, we went and watched a movie in The Podium. Dinner with my family was in Yaku. This restaurant did not disappoint! Only missing was DH, who was home playing on his computer. But nevertheless, we had a great time that night!

free dilis appetizer

Restaurants seldom serve dilis as free appetizers anymore. Good thing, this restaurant does. I love their dilis. It's crunchy and you can request for more than one serving.

yakimeshi PhP50.40

Two people can share one order or were we just on a diet that day? With too many parties this December, we ought to watch our carboydrate intake.

tamago sashimi PhP70.56

Tamago is tamago. You can never go wrong with this order unless you are a wannabe Japanese restaurant.
salmon sahimi PhP226.80

I seldom eat Salmon much more if it's raw as in this case. But base on the picture I took the salmon looks fresh so it must taste good.

tofu steak PhP146.16

This tofu steak is very tasty and I like that they didn't scrimp on the mushroom.

itame PhP146.16

This is teppan veggies. My DM always order this whenever we are on a Japanese restaurant.

ebi tempura PhP226.80

An order contains only 4 pieces of prawn tempura. It's bitin! I hope they can make it five haha

We also ordered gyudon PhP181.44 The beef is tender and delish! I have no complains. For chicken teriyaki don PhP196.56 I don't like chicken that much but took a bite and it's ok. The sauce is not over flowing, it's just right!