Ice Watch Press Launch & Auction

My event: September 1, 2010

Ice Watch Press Launch & Auction
C3 Events Place
18 Missouri St., Northeast Greenhills
San Juan 

outfit of the night

I chose my new Mango dress as my outfit of the night. I pulled back my hair so you can see the chest detail of the dress. But I choose to let my hair down for the event itself. 

 becubic invite

RJ Ledesma hosted the auction

Woweee! My very first auction! I got an exclusive invite to participate in an auction from The Ice Watch company. Ice Watches are 100% design made in Belgium. Inside the becubic packaging is 2, 500 voucher which I can use to bid for any Ice Watch up for grabs or buy a watch of my own choice. 

I was the very first one to raise my paddle when RJ called for the 500 minimum bid lol And RJ, as if on cue, would continuously look for my paddle number, 99, every time he shouts 500 lol I am c-h-e-a-p-o! Darn, I ended up just bidding up to 2500. And because we don't know what we were getting inside the paper bag that we were bidding, other clever attendees just went straight to the side and bought their own choice of Ice Watch. 

Ice Watch

There was also a mini fashion show showcasing the different Ice Watch collection.

 Ice Watch World Collection: Philippine edition

Only 100 Philippine edition watches will be sold. RJ was wearing one during the event. 

Animetric and me.... thanks Shen for the photo

beautiful bloggers with Abigail Ang, beside me in black

thanks Nikki, leftmost, for the 2 bloggers photos

As for me, I took home the experience of participating in an auction. My black becubic remained empty. Now, if only those papers were real money.....

Ice Watch is available at Trinoma, Rustan's, Alabang Town Center, Urban Time, Watch Central and Robinson's Mall.