The Eco Coffee cup

I receive a lot of giveaway goodies, some I have no use of while the others like this one, I like. Upon receiving this, I instantly thought of using it as my drinking glass in the office.

The Eco Coffee cup from The Handyman give away PhP549.75

I took it with me to the office the following day and I have been using it ever since. I put in water, buco juice, tea or anything but not coffee. I am not a coffee drinker lol

It's body is ceramic with silicon lid on top. The lid even has a sipping hole much like what you can find in Starbucks' lid. Plus, it has insulator which is perfect for your hot or even cold drinks.

Don't you think that this is nice too? I have to find out how much this cost here. A site retails it for USD9.99.