Tajimaya Charcoal Grill

My visit: October 30, 2010

Tajimaya Charcoal Grill
2nd floor SM Mall of Asia
JW Diokno Blvd.,
Brgy. 76, Pasay City

The waitress kept insisting their Wagyu beef on us. It's their specialty blah blah blah so much so that on the third try, DH had to cut her off and told her we were not interested so don't push it. We have no time to savor the meat because we have a fashion show to attend to in less than an hour.

2 person set PhP1200

We ordered a set for 2 persons instead which consists of 4 kinds of meat plus tiger prawns and squid. All were good except for one kind which was a bit hard to chew.

 (l-r) spicy, sweet and garlic

You get to mix your own sauce ; )

 tajimaya sarada PhP150

Tajimaya sarada tasted like the salad included in Umenoya's bento meal. 

charcoal grill

Surprisingly, I didn't smell like a cooked meat after our meal which was great because as I have said we have a fashion show to attend to. I don't want people to stay away from me lol 

2 person set PhP1200 includes the following:

 kimchi and giant bean sprout

 4 kinds of meat

 4 slices of each kind

2 tiger prawns and squid

 lettuce wrap and garlic

We were very full. If I am dining with girls, a group of three can share this order. I would like to go back to this restaurant so long as no waitress pushing wagyu beef too much lol I hope it opens another branch in Quezon City.

eye make up of the day

Leaving you now with my eye make up of the day!