Oclipse by Obagi

I was at the Obagi Skin Care Clinic in Trinoma last October 24 to redeem my PhP5000 gift certificate. There were so much products and services to choose from but I have narrowed down my choices to Oclipse and the Vitamin C serum at 15%. Both products are priced at PhP4800 each. 

Oclipse sunscreen + primer + SPF 30 + UVA/ UVB protection PhP4800

I tried and tested the Obagi Vitamin C serum. It lacked the instant tightness/firmness that I am used to with The Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Boost. I was disappointed to say the least because I am looking forward to getting it. I even blogged about it in my previous post

My next choice would be a sunblock. That was when Oclipse was offered to me. I was turned off at first because the sales pitch went like it's a 4-in-1 product. A sun screen, tinted moisturizer, make up primer and anti-aging, Oclipse is all that rolled into one cute silver product packaging! Uh duh? I never buy a 2 in 1 product because it's just too good to be true. I even commented that I still don't need the anti- aging haha

But the sales representative demonstrated how Oclipse work. Twisting the bottle revealed a blue pump. When I saw the pea sized tinted moisturizer, I said to myself there is no way it can blend well to my fair skin. But to my surprise, the product actually blended well. The sales representative whose skin was a bit tanned demonstrated that no matter what color your skin is Obagi Oclipse by ZO Skin Health can match it. No more cakey, white sunscreen!

one tinted moisturizer for all skin colors

Recently, you would have noticed that I started using an eye primer. It works wonders when applying eye make-up. With Oclipse, since it's already a make up primer, I find it easier to apply my face powder. Sometimes on week days, I don't apply anything at all after blending Oclipse all over my face. 

I remember, a dermatologist once told me that in finding a good sunscreen, it has to have either titanium dioxide and/ or zinc oxide or don't buy the product at all. And what do you know, this product has both! Titanium Dioxide 10.2 % and Zinc Oxide 3.7%. These two definitely got me sold on getting Oclipse! At SPF 30, I can be assured of sun protection.

blended well on my skin

And as for its anti aging (Myristoyl Pentapeptide-8) benefit, I can never tell you yet since I only started using the bottle a few weeks ago. I still look younger than my real age though I am thanking my genes for that haha This product has definitely changed my point of view on all-in-one products. Not all are made the equal, some like this one have my thumbs up approval.

The only downside is the steep price you have to pay for a 30ml product. But it's your skin, staying beautiful always has its price ; p

For an inexpensive alternative, you might want to try L'Oreal Paris Base Magique!