Mango Tree Bistro

My visit: November 27, 2010

Mango Tree Bistro Philippines
L-3 Trinoma Mall
Bagong Pagasa, Quezon CIty
5855460   9160297

After our disappointing lunch date at Aquanox Restaurant, I am keeping my finger's crossed that DH and I can find a good restaurant to dine in. We came across Mango Tree Bistro while roaming around Trinoma Mall. Our date night dinner wasn't bad at all!

panang nua PhP380

If you like curry, then you definitely have to order this. I like red curry than the green one because it has an added kick in it... spicy!

goong gratiem PhP320

As compared to my tiny shrimp experience in Aquaknox during our lunch date, this is definitely an upgrade. Along with the upgrade, you have to pay a price increase lol The proportion was just right but we have ordered  a bit too much as always hehe I get to take home the unfinished portion of this order ; p

yum mamuang PhP220

Oh, I love this! I will this again next time. It's a green mango salad top with roasted grated coconut and crushed peanuts. I am salivating right now just for remember what I ate that night lol

phad thai goong PhP350

DH loves to order pad thai every time it's available. This is one restaurant that I can remember that left a good impression on DH. He didn't mind paying a bit more for good food. 

I hope you like my food post. I am so preoccupied these past few days that I haven't been able to update my blog. I am currently on my Day 5 of the 9 day novena. I have been shuffling between dawn mass and anticipated mass for the past few days so don't get shock when you see my eyes in the next few days lol

I will get back at you when I can. Meantime, enjoy every minute of your holiday as I am enjoying mine! Oh, and I have to go for the anticipated mass at 8:30 pm for Day 6!