Singapore Chronicle: Day 2

November 15, 2010

Universal Studios
Singapore Flyer

We booked our Universal Studios tickets online. The Filipino hotel receptionist gave us a tip on how to get to Universal Studios for free. At the pick up area which is right outside our hotel, we just have to show our printed tickets to the bus driver and just hop on the bus... it's that simple!

We arrived very early and had an hour or so to roam around the vicinity. We took pictures of the signage, mandatory hehe And the stores near the entrance. To view more pictures with the characters, click here

Universal Studios logo at the entrance

Compulsory photo op at the entrance hehe

Princess Fiona's castle in the background located in Shrek Adventure area

my taxi is waiting hehe

I took this jump shot photo of AC and her cousin, Jojo

we watched Monster Rock... live rock musical!

found this huge tree hehe

ate at Hollywood China Bistro

is this the house of Shrek?

You all know that we didn't push through with our plan to conquer Sentosa, right? Instead, we went to ride Singapore Flyer instead. 

And after the breath taking view, we toured the Merlion area at night where the city is bursting with colors!

 sight seeing at night

A little story about the boat. We chanced upon it touring the city, just about the same time I was taking a picture of the view, a man proposed for all the people to hear. I think there was a megaphone on deck hehe What a touching sight to see!

 capturing the Singapore's merlion at night

a mini replica of Merlion hehe

tired from the whole fun day tour

 captured the city at night... awesome!

view from the opposite side

Oh wait, I remembered we still had the energy to have a 15- 20 minute walk from our hotel to Mustafa Center- a 24 hour mall which was a failure to our shopping standards. Everything was in disarray and no personnel was available to help you with the item you were searching for. After staying there for less than 30 minutes, we were dragging our feet back to our hotel. Oh, we rode the taxi midway hehe

All in all, my trip to Singapore was tiring yet fun. We had 3 whole days packed with activities. We were able to try the elusive Hainanese chicken, take pictures of the Merlion city and a whole lot of bonding time.