Afternoon Tea at Bizu

My visit: March 9, 2011

Bizu Patisserie
The Promenade
Greenhills Shopping Center
San Juan
7242498   7262496

March 9 is my dad's birthday. But until recently we don't celebrate it on March 9 anymore. He wanted to celebrate his birthday using the Chinese calendar which we all know falls on a different day when viewed on the western calendar. Anyway, my family have been talking and raving about how Bizu serves good food especially their lamb. I know it's a patisserie, a shop where French pastries and cakes are sold, but they have extended their menu and are now offering real good food aside from cakes. Since we went there in the afternoon, we decided to have our own private tea time!

Perusing the menu, I noticed that the price is not cheap. I guess diners have to take into consideration the ambiance this restaurant has to offer. 

For starters, we ordered a personal salad that can be shared by 2 persons. There is also a family sized salad which can be shared by 4 persons for PhP445. 

Waldorf salad personal PhP225

The presentation of the salad is quite nice. The salad includes mesclun, grilled chicken slices, apple, mango, orange and grapes, toasted walnuts topped with shaved parmesan. Nothing much to rave about but I like that it has a mix of veggies and fruits. I guess the difference lies in the honey orange yoghurt dressing that they use which was kind of citrusy and sweet at the same time.

complimentary bread

Like in Italianni's, complimentary bread was served with balsamic vinaigrette and parmesan cheese. I requested for extra parmesan cheese because they served only a small amount of it on top of the balsamic vinaigrette. Unlike in Italianni's, the small parmesan cheese bottle was not left on our table. The bread was good. It was served fresh and warm. You can also ask for seconds. 

Sencha Calida (green tea) PhP 165

When you order a set of afternoon tea from 3- 6 p.m., it comes with a choice of loose leaf teas from France PhP165/pot or clipper tea in tea bags PhP125/pot. Naturally, we have chosen from the selection of loose leaf teas from France. The waiter suggested Sencha Calida and we had it refilled with hot water twice haha

afternoon tea PhP575

A set of afternoon tea is good for 2 persons. We were four that day and we made it through haha 

What we got on the plate above...
  • 2 Opera cakes
  • 2 Macarons de Paris
  • 1 Chocolate Truffle

    • 1 chicken pesto with sundried tomato mayo in petit ciabatta
    • 1 petite croque monsieur- ham and cheese to you and me haha
    • 2 madeleines
    • 1 scone (not in the picture) with cream and lemon curd or choice of jam

    The lemons are for the tea. 

    • 1 salmon with dill pistachio mousseline
    • 2 caramelized apples with brie on croutte
    • 2 mushroom duxelle in vol-au-vent

    It was a very delightful experience- read: sosyal haha You can always splurge once in awhile to know how it feels to have an afternoon tea lol

    cappuccino PhP95

    My sister has to have her coffee fix thus the cappuccino on our table. 

    We had a leisurely afternoon and had fun experiencing an expensive afternoon tea! Ok, that's just gonna be once in awhile hehe

    Have you tried Bizu's afternoon tea?