Afternoon Tea at Cova Ristorante Harbour City Hong Kong

My visit: August 2, 2011

Cova Milano since 1817
Shop G220 Ground Floor
Gateway Arcade
Harbour City Tsim Sha Tsui 
Hong Kong

I have already experienced having an afternoon tea once in Bizu and a high tea in an event. DH, on the other hand, has not experienced any one of these tea thing. While strolling inside Harbour City in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, we chanced upon Cova Ristorante offering an afternoon tea buffet with a hefty price tag of HK$200 per person plus tax.

peppermint loose tea leaves for DH choice's of tea

Afternoon tea is also known as low tea because it was traditionally served on a low table like a coffee table near a sofa. It is typically served with light snacks like scones and finger sandwiches in mid afternoon.

High tea, also known as meat tea, is served after 5pm on a dining table. It is served with heavy food like steak, fish and vegetables. 

chocolate cake

Many tables were already occupied when we came in. The curtains were pulled up and the sliding doors beside our table were fully open. You can see people walking around the area. When the waitress handed us the menu- you can opt for ala carte, we were informed that the afternoon tea buffet ends at 5pm.

strawberry is yum

We have an hour or so left,  I immediately went to the buffet table first to check out the spread. There were slices of cake, pastries, sandwiches, pizza and fresh fruits on the table.

my order... a cup of cappuccino

I always order cappuccino but I always end up not finishing the drink hehe Like in this case, DH finished the drink for me. I should keep in mind to try cafe latte next time.

fresh orange and grape fruit juice drink

The buffet includes a choice of two (2) drinks per person. You can choose from coffeee, tea or fresh fruit juices.

The grape fruit juice was ordered by DH's. I am predictable so you should know that my other drink was fresh orange juice ; p

DH and I

After three days of non stop walking, we can feel our feet giving up on us. It was a good thing that we spotted this restaurant where we had a leisurely break.

shot of berry mix

Soft, creamy and fluffy mix of berries with blueberry on top... yumeeh!

pastries, pizza and cakes on my plate

A few minutes before 5pm, a waitress asked us if we wanted to get some more food from the buffet area because the staff will be preparing for dinner setting. We were already so full from all the sweets and literally could not get up so I just gave her a smile and said that we had enough. 

mirrored signage

At 5pm, the waitress started rolling down the curtains and closing the sliding doors. With that slight change, the interior of the restaurant became a fine dining venue perfect for a romantic dinner date. 

It was nice to splurge a little to experience what the Kings and Queens in England do in their spare time and in between meals. Lovely, isn't it?