Beware: Bogus (FAKE) FaceBook ONLINE Seller

For the record, I am not an Online Seller PERIOD.

It has come to my attention that some bogus online sellers have been grabbing my photos of Longchamp bag from this post. These watermarked photos are being used to victimized online buyers.

 photo grabbed from Fitflop post

This particular FaceBook seller ( have gone beyond just grabbing my Longchamp photos here and here, she has the audacity to post my photo as her online profile picture. The original photo is found in this post. I reported it on FaceBook as soon as a concerned citizen contacted me. You know who you are and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

As of this writing, she has taken down my photo as her profile picture but is still using some of my Longchamp photos. 

You can find the messages exchanged between the fake seller with a "prospective buyer" after the break....

I always tell this to my readers: If the price is too good to be true, it probably is... FAKE, to put it bluntly ; p

top (l-r) - 2nd, 3rd and 4th photos
below (l-r) - 1st, 2nd, 3rd photos

The specified photos above are all mine. These were taken from my posts here and here.
I blogged about it to warn buyers from unscrupulous online sellers. 

I know some of you might suggest that I take down these photos but I will not because it has helped many readers around the world. Many have commented / emailed how my posts have helped them with their purchase. That's why when readers saw my photos on a seller's site, they report it back to me. My readers know that these are stolen photos.  

Anyway, the following is an excerpt taken from FB with the Bogus Online Seller: 

Bogus Online Seller (BOS) : 

Yes on hand sis anytym pede iship 
Long cham sis 1k po pre owned sis
no flaws
sa fitflops 2k po any designs sis on hand sale po til july 30
100% authentic po
1k ung long champ free shipping d2 manila from Baguio!
Naku sis may picture ako jan gusto mo scan mo pa
ksma ko pa anak ko jan d po ako scam may proof of shipments ako sissy dont worry
kc kya gsto ko na mabenta tong fitflops kc ippull out ko na sis
jya syang nmn sa mall kc 4k to 5k xa.. e skn on hand sale 2k po any designs pa 
sis dka po reply?

Supposed Buyer (SB) : 

ok bsta i hate scammers and posers! kasi mdami ako naririnig sgnyan malaking halaga pnman yan! mamatay n tlg mga scammers and posers mamatayan sana sila sana ma karma sila ng bonnga! haha
ano details mo


oo nga sis.. dahil sa kanila pati kmi nccra
anu po order m long champ sis?
oo sis ung link bngay ko no flaws yan ha?

09275552658 (MLhuiller)
irish tan 
16 cordillera st upper irisan baguio city

09054082903 (gcash) 
rhealyn angeles

Her modus operandi:

Once she got your money thru GCASH or Lhuiller, she will block you on FB and you will not be able to communicate with her ever again!

A person commented in a thread I started on Facebook:

3 sana buy ko sa kanya yesterday at today ako send payment 6k!!! naku buti nalang pala!!

Who knows the name above name might not even be her real name, right? I hope this post can serve as a warning to online buyers. 

Let this be a warning to all the bogus online sellers, I have my reader's eyes on YOU!

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