Kao-Chi Banawe Revisited

It has been awhile since we last visited Kao-Chi Restarant in Banawe, Quezon City. If I remembered it correctly, we visited this restaurant during its soft opening so I have some issues regarding the service. To be fair, I went back and I am happy to say that the service has improved. Suffice it to say, DH and I had a pleasant time dining in Kao-Chi.

Sauteed Lamb with Golden Mushroom PhP 368

Truth be told, it was DH who insisted on dining here. He remembered how we love the appetizers we ordered. Sad to say, the management has erased it out of their menu. 

Since we both love lamb, we ordered Sauteed Lamb with Golden Mushroom. The serving can be compared to that of a rice topping. It is pretty pricey but what matter is how it tastes like. Uhm, well, it's a bit spicy. Even though the meat is cut into tiny bite size pieces, some of which were still a bit hard to chew. DH loves golden mushroom so I think that was it's saving grace. 

Clam Soup PhP 238

Here's one suggestion, don't forget to order a Clam Soup when dining here. The warm soup is very light and perfect for the rainy day. The order is big enough for two or more persons. We were able to take home some leftover. After letting it boil once, the soup tastes just as good.  

Pan-fried Pork Dumplings (6 pcs.) PhP 138

Pan-fried Pork Dumplings are like the ones that I used to order when I visit Taiwan. The only difference is the sauce. Taiwan's version is better. Nonetheless, this is good enough when I am craving for one ; p

Mantou steamed / fried (5 pcs.) PhP 128

Dip it in the sweetened milk provided on the side and eat this order while it is warm. Not advisable for take out. 

Famous Fried Fermented Tofu (Stinky Tofu) PhP 238

OMG! It lived up to its name - Stinky lol You can imagine how I stayed away as far as possible from this dish which is very hard as I was just seated right across DH lol DH learned to eat this during one of our trips to Taiwan (Maokong Gondola). Since then, he has been ordering it everywhere he sees one. 

Stewed Egg (4 slices) PhP25 / piece

DH calls this Adobo Egg because this is how the egg will look like when boiled along with pork adobo. In other countries, the eggs are dipped together with some herbs so the scent is a bit too much for me. 

Have you visited Kao-Chi? What are your favorite dishes? Kindly share them here so I can try it on my next visit. 

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