Tipco Rewards You With Tripaway 2 Promo!

Tipco 100% Pure is a part of my grocery list. I usually buy 3-4 packs of different flavors. In fact, when I got an e-vite to attend Tipco's event, I still have two remaining packs inside my refrigerator ; p  Mangosteen, Purple Carrot, 32 Veggies and Mixed Fruits Juice and Gojiberry are my favorite. 

(l-r) Mangosteen, Gojiberry, Cranberry & Tangerine 

Anyway, during the event, Tipco launched its newest promo dubbed as Tipco Tripaway 2. Just buy Tipco 100% Pure Juice and and you can get a chance to fly to exciting destinations! How awesome is that?!

Read after the break for more information....

look for the sticker in Tipco 100% juice 1 liter pack

From now until September 30, 2012, all Tipco 1 liter packs, even those without the stickers on the side, are eligible. You need to buy three (3) 1 liter packs to get a chance to win roundtrip tickets for two (2) to exciting destinations.

mechanics of Tipco Tripaway 2 promo

The mechanics is found at the side of the pack. It's so easy to enter, you simply have to log on to Facebook and enter the information required.

(l-r) Prune & Grape Juice and Beetroot

Prizes at stake:

  • Grand Prize - Roundtrip tickets for two (2) person to Bangkok, Thailand for 3D/2N inclusive of hotel accommodation, daily breakfast, airport transfers, half day city tour and US$200 pocket money
  • 1st Monthly Draw - Roundtrip tickets for two (2) person to Cagayan de Oro for 3D/2N inclusive of hotel accommodation, daily breakfast, airport transfers and White Water Rafting Package
  • 2nd Monthly Draw - Roundtrip tickets for two (2) person to Puerto Prinsesa for 3D/2N inclusive of hotel accommodation, daily breakfast, airport transfers and Underground River Tour
  • 3rd Monthly Draw - Roundtrip tickets for two (2) person to Boracay Island for 3D/2N inclusive of hotel accommodation, daily breakfast, airport transfers

Tipco 100% Pure Tangerine Juice NFC (Not From Concentrate)

One of Tipco Juices I took home that day was a pack of Tangerine. Last Friday, I opened a pack when we had Korean BBQ, I love its taste. Oh, it even has pulp bits! I am now adding it to my favorite list ; p

Ingredient: 100% Tangerine Juice

Tangerine orange is widely grown in the central part of Thailand. Its sweet taste with a bit of sour taste makes it a popular orange for everyone in the region. 

What I like about Tipco 100% Orange Juice:

  • No sugar added
  • No preservative added
  • No color added
Tipco 100% Orange Juice has 4 variants - Medley Orange Juice, Tangerine Si Thong and Sai Namn Phueng. 

Tipco Superkid 100% Juice (l-r) Shogun Orange, Red Grape, Veggie & Mixed Fruit and Apple Juice

Each tetra pack contains 110 ml of 100% pure juice and nutrients like calcium and DHA (an Omega-3 acid) that deliver unique health benefits and a power-packed boost to kids' daily nutritional requirements. It also has Vitamin A, B1, B2 and C.  You can now include this in your kid's lunch box. It is ready to drink and it already comes with a straw. 

know what you are buying

Tipco's signature automatic open twist cap

One of the things I like in a pack of Tipco is its automatic open twist cap. I can open it easily without bugging DH to open the pack for me ; p

expiry date

Another thing I like about Tipco is that the expiry date is clearly printed on top of the box. 

Ok, there you have it! I hope one of you can win any of the exciting travel packages from Tipco! Good luck ; )

Tipco 100% Pure Juices are available in leading supermarkets and groceries nationwide. 

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