Home Improvement: Full Length Mirror

DH and I would always go to Market! Market! for furniture made out of wood. In fact, we bought several pieces already like an entertainment set, a writing desk, an altar table and a side board. Our latest acquisition is this Rattan In-Lay Wall Mirror made to order from Markline Home Furniture & Decors.

Rattan In-Lay Wall Mirror PhP 13,000

If you have been an avid Twitter follower, you know I have been raving about our new  mirror. We bought it just last month. Since we move, it has been my dream to own a full length mirror so I don't have to go downstairs in our small powder room just to check on what I am wearing.

Full length mirror specifications:

  • 46" x 82" x 1.5"
  • mirror size - 36" x 72"
  • border - 5"
  • finish - Natural White Resin

Aside from using this full length mirror for dressing up, I found another use for this mirror. Find our after the break....

 I can practice Bikram yoga here

Last week, I was finally able to use my yoga mat again. The space in between the two cabinet is enough to fit my yoga mat in the middle. I was not able to finish the whole 90 minutes of Bikram yoga though because I could not stand the heat. I wonder what will happen if I turned on the heater... waaaaaaaah! I will be toasted!

Here's the rest of my bathroom: 

rain shower

Yes, that's a wind chime you see hanging in my shower lol

toilet and bathtub

Photos on the wall were from our vacations in Thailand and Canada.

light from Keystone Lamps & Shades

Our wedding theme is Under The Sea. When we moved here less than a year after we got married,  I am still not over it. That's the reason why you see a lot of shells here in this photo. 

Bathroom Reader & Archie

We have been collecting Bathroom Reader. What you see here is just a part of the collection. We buy these books in Canada. 

greens inside my toilet

The plants are called Sansevieria. You can read more about it here and here. Yes, that's a dream catcher, alright! And of course, there's my wedding photo, most of which are scattered all over our home ; p

I hope you enjoyed the bathroom tour lol

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