Mr. Bean Fresh Soya Milk, Taho & Pancakes in Eastwood Mall

April 30, 2013

Mr. Bean
Ground Floor (near Activity area)
Eastwood Mall

Mr. Bean celebrates it's first birthday today and you are all invited! For the first 40 customers who visit Mr. Bean branches at Alabang Town Center, Eastwood Mall, JP Morgan Net Plaza Building and Lucky China Town Mall, you can get to win a free gift. That's not all, visit any of the stores and check out the price roll back!

 trying out Cheese Pancake PhP 60

Mr. Bean's pancake has siksik sa sarap pancake. Are you a cream cheese lover? Then this order is definitely for you. All that cream cheese goodness is right in the middle of the pancake ; )

Other variants to try are Peanut Butter and Chocolate.

Check out what else I ordered yesterday....

 Classic Chilled Taho regular PhP 45 large PhP 55

Mr. Bean's Classic Chilled Taho do not have the jelly like consistency of the chilled taho (bean curd) I ordered in The Little Store. This is the real deal. It is already sweetened so you do not see brown sugar syrup on top. This order is well-loved by kids especially during summer time.

 Lychee Icy Soya regular 90 large 100

Lychee is the best-seller drink under Icy Soya category. This is an ice blended drink, you don't have to add any toppings because Lychee Pop is already included. Lychee Pop bursts into your mouth when chewed. It's truly refreshing in this summer heat!

Other Icy Soya blended drinks available are Classic, Strawberry, Chocolate and Mocha. Price ranges from PhP 75 to PhP 100.

 Soy Ice Cream PhP 80 per cup

With Soy Ice Cream, it takes a lot of time to get used to it. At first, I was queasy to try it but surprisingly, after a few spoonfuls, I love it!

 Watermelon Fresh Fruity Soya PhP regular 75 large 85

From all the drinks that I have ordered, I like Watermelon Fresh Fruity Soya most. Mr. Bean only uses fresh fruit, not syrup, and then blended it with Soya drink. Voila! A perfect summer drink ; )

Mr. Bean Special PhP 75

When dropping by Mr. Bean, it is highly recommended that you order Mr. Bean Special. Here's something that both my parents love because there's Black Sesame & Peanut Rice Ball with Taho and Soya Milk in a cup.
 Kaya Pancake PhP 60

I prefer Kaya Pancake over Cheese Pancake. This one has the traditional Kaya (coconut jam) filling found in Singapore coffee shops. Since all ingredients are shipped from its mother company in Singapore, you are guaranteed with fresh and authentic ingredients in every order. 

There's an ongoing promo... When you buy 6 Pancakes, you get 20% off on your purchase, the more you can enjoy these steamy delicious pancakes!

 Honeydew Fresh Fruity Soya regular PhP 80 large PhP 90

As with any fruits, not all are in season. I found this drink bland.

 Chocolate Classic Soya Milk regular PhP 55 large PhP 65

This is an interesting mix of chocolate drink and soya milk. I can taste the chocolate and at the same time the soya milk. It's a great combination!

 my parents and I enjoying life's simple pleasures

 soya beans up close

For those who have uric acid, fret not because Mr. Bean makes sure that it follows a special de-shelling process to remove purine. Purine causes uric acid in beans. By the way, the soya beans that goes into every cup are only from the finest and highest grade of NGMO (Non Genetically Modified) soya beans.

From two college best friends in Singapore that started this business, Mr. Bean surely has gone a long way, expanding franchises in Japan, Korea, China, Malaysia and the Philippines.

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