Salad, Burger & Crepes at Cafe Breton

May 26, 2013

Cafe Breton
G/F Alfredo's Building
181 Scout De Guia St. cor. Tomas Morato Ave.,
Laging Handa, Quezon City

Two Sundays ago, my family and I were back at our favorite quaint cafe in Quezon City called Cafe Breton. This time we tried other items on the menu such as Chicken, Orange and Almond salad and Breton Mozzarella Burger. The crepes were so hard to resist so we chose two from our list of favorites- Adam & Eve and Hawaii 5-O.

 Chicken, Orange and Almonds PhP 165

Mixed greens with arugula leaves and sauteed chicken slices, tossed with fresh orange slices and almonds

This order of Chicken, Orange and Almonds salad has a generous serving of almond which my mom truly loves so she was very happy ; ) The mixed greens were all fresh, not a wilted one in sight.

We requested for two kinds of dressings- Thousand Island and Vinaigrette. The latter won hands down. You can also opt for Honey Mustard.

Other salads available are Mini Side Salad (PhP 55) and Salad Bretonne (PhP 175)- salad greens with arugula leaves mixed with shrimps and crabs. It will definitely be next on my list!

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 my dad with his Hot Chocolate PhP 95

My mom also ordered a cup of cappuccino (not in the photo) for only PhP 85.

 Hawaii Five-O PhP 232 with extra egg on top PhP 17.86

Ham, mozzarella, onion, pineapple and mushroom

Hawaii Five-O is one of my brother's favorite. He either orders this or Galette Rustique. This galette is best eaten as soon as it is served on the table. It's oozing with mozzarella cheese!

 Adam & Eve PhP 148

Stewed apples with cinnamon and vanilla ice cream

Adam & Eve is the most basic (by basic, I also mean the cheapest ; p) stewed apple crepe. It's simply delicious and I love it!

Other variants of stewed apple crepe on the menu are Original Sin (PhP 260), Normandie (PhP 232), Lost Paradise (PhP 185) and Eden (PhP 155).

 my dad holding a plate of Breton Mozzarella Burger...yum!

 Breton Mozzarella Burger PhP 235

Juicy all beef burger patty with a mozzarella surprise, served with a side salad

A bit pricey for a burger but I don't mind because it was juicy and it has mozzarella cheese! The side salad was not bad at all ; )

It was raining as usual when we visited but when you are enjoying the good food inside, the weather outside is the least of your worries!

Have you visited Cafe Breton lately? What did you order?

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