Celebrating birthday at Sofitel

My visit: October 19, 2010

Sofitel Philippine Plaza
CCP COmplex
Roxas Blvd.

It was a rainy day and I was wearing my Ondoy dress. I was crossing my fingers that what happened last year would not happen again. I had reserved a 7:30 pm table for 2. Rain kept pouring on our way to the venue. We were expecting heavy traffic but the trip lasted under one hour. Maybe many folks opted to stay at home yesterday... well and good for us ; )

Happy Birthday!!!

At 6 pm, we were seated comfortably in a couch by the window. Dinner buffet was not served until 6:30 pm. 

seriously... what do you think I should do?

Looking around, there ain't much people yet. DH took pictures of me channeling to be a fashion blogger lol

Terranova Cowgirls collection dress
Suki shoes
Baby Phat eyeglasses

Unlike last year when I wore this dress, Ondoy happened. This year, we arrived at the venue safe without a hitch ; p

birthday boy

Of course, I have to take a picture of the birthday boy too! One picture would do haha

1st plate Japanese section

I was only able to take pictures of our first plate, the succeeding plates were way too irresistible so it was all gone before I can even whipped out my camera lol Of course, we were able to partake lamb chops and generous mint sauce to boot! I wouldn't miss it for anything else! We also celebrated DH's birthday in Spiral, Sofitel last year, chek out the pictures here.

complimentary birthday cake

Last year, I got a slice of cake from their cake counter and have Happy Birthday written on the plate. This year, I asked if they can do the same. The waitress came back and said they will just give us a complimentary cake instead. The waiters even sang the birthday song to the birthday boy... DH was laughing all the time!

happy couple

Let me share with you my eye make up of the day.

blue gray color combination for the eyes

We were so full that night! To give you a run down of the expense, PhP 2, 430.70 per pax taxes included. If you have an Accor membership card you get 50% off. For 2 pax, you get to pay only PhP2, 773.39 all in.

We might not take any chances with any other hotel next year. Chances are, we might be back again next year at where else but Spiral Sofitel! lol