Celeteque Advanced Anti- Aging Trio... an amazing discovery!

My event: May 11, 2011

Celeteque Advanced Blogger Meet Up

The Linden Suites
Roof Deck Tower 2
37 San Miguel Avenue
Ortigas Center 
Pasig City

This is what I like most about blogging, I get invited by the brands that I use. Take Celeteque for example, after blogging about how I love this brand, I got my first invite last May 11. Yes, the same date as my wedding anniversary hehe I took home a set of Celeteque Advanced Anti Aging Trio from the event. It turned out to be my anniversary present because DH didn't give me any ; ( waaaaaaaaah! Plus, I went home late after the event that we have to cancel our plan for the night. Boo hoo!

Ok, enough of the whining! 

I hitched with MyMomFriday because I know parking at Linden Suites would be daunting task. She has a very good driver hehe The invite said that the event will be on the roof deck where I imagined it to be an open air venue. Good thing, the event took place in a conference-like room and it's air conditioned. I can't believe the heat that day. You can see the rays of the sun peeking through the curtain at the background of dermatologist, Dr. Nenita Alberto whose skin I envy.

Dr. Nenita Alberto, The Medical City

She throughly discussed about skin aging and how to prevent it from happening too soon. 

Below are some of the key points to have a youthful looking skin:

  • Avoid 10am-4pm sun
  • Use sunscreen with at least SPF15
  • Apply moisturizer to avoid water evaporation

    Anti- Wrinkle Facial Moisturizer PhP620 100ml

    Celeteque offers three ways to defend your skin from aging. I already blogged about the Anti- Wrinkle Facial Moisturizer here. During this event, I discovered two more new and exciting products, the Ultra Hydrating Cleanser and the Anti- Aging Power Serum. 

    Celeteque Advanced Light Cleansing Oil PhP199 50ml; PhP369 100ml

    OMG! I love this! It can be a substitute to my long time favorite, Pond's Cold Cream. It's a make up remover, ultra- hydrating cleanser and an anti- wrinkle all rolled into one. Best of all, it's inexpensive than it's imported counter part. 


    I gave it a try as soon as I got home. I used it to remove my make up. It served its purpose well. I like it because its unscented and it didn't dry out my skin. 


    I did wash my face afterwards with a facial wash. Remember to just pat dry your face with face towel. Right now, I alternately use this with my cold cream. 

    make up on cotton

    Oh, it has Dual Vitamin Regenerating Complex- it promotes healthy tissue regeneration, increasing elasticity and moisture content that helps firm and strengthen skin.

    For dry skin, you can use this product as a leave on before sleeping. I have not tried it because I have oily skin. I think the product below will be enough to do the trick for me.

    Concentrated Break Off Capsules PhP699 (21pcs.)

    I am amazed at how a tiny product can be a very powerful defense against aging. It has dual peptide technology, CYTOSTIMULIN LIPOPEPTIDES. It helps stimulate collagen and elastin production to soften, smoothen and firm skin.

    twist off tip

    Each capsule is enough to cover my entire face and neck. It is transparent in color and unscented too. I heart the powdery feel without feelng icky and oily. I immediately felt the smoothness and softness of my face. I even let DH touch it haha It reminded me of a phased out product of The Body Shop- Vitamin C Skin Boost

    spreads and dries quickly

    gives off a powdery matte finish

    After spreading the entire content of the serum onto my palm, I then dab my index finger, spreading the product in circular motion on my face concentrating mostly on the eye area, forehead and the sides of my lips. 

    One more tip to reduce fine lines is to sleep on your back and not on the side. I do that position when I am about to sleep but I always ended up sleeping on my side. So, I just make sure that there's no crease on my pillow cover. 

    I am happy with my new discovery! I hope you can try these products soon so you can enjoy the benefits that I am experiencing!

    wacky bloggers

    Thanks to United Laboratories, Inc. and Rochelle! It was also nice meeting new bloggers during the event.