Awesome Deal on Calayan's Signature Facial

My visit: August 23, 2011

Unit 2C Torre Vanezia Bldg.,
Timog Ave. cor. Sct. Santiago
Beside St. Paul Parish
Quezon City

Over a week ago, I visited Calayan Surgicenter in Timog to experience Calayan's Signature Facial- an exclusive package made especially for deal buyers.                                       

(l-r) steam and microderm machine

Calayan Signature Facial includes:

  • Deep Cleansing Facial Treatment PhP1, 080
  • Mineral Mask PhP2, 000
  • Microderm Treatment PhP2, 700

(clockwise from left) bowl of water, facial wash, sponge, blackhead remover and tools for microderm

I have several questions before I accepted this deal. What made me agree was the assurance that no major peeling will happen as only dead skin cells will be removed. And it's Calayan for Pete's sake!

treatment room

I was able to go at the appointed time. The receptionist informed me that I can talk to a doctor first for my skin concerns. I was pressed for time so I decided to forego the consultation.

before the start of my Calayan Signature Facial

I entered a green room with a single bed and a red cover on top. Take note that I only have a sunscreen applied to my face prior to the treatment.

relax mode while laying on the bed

As I settled on the bed, my hair was held back and a towel was placed on top of my chest.

Deep Cleansing Facial

The "facialist" then proceeded to massage my face with a Calayan facial wash. I felt so relaxed and thought I would dozed off to sleep.

Madz Bacay, facialist, sponge to clean up 

Using a sponge, she gently cleaned the soap off my face with water.

I was under the steam for a good 5 minutes

Steam is good, she said, to open up the pores in preparation for the next step- cleaning the whiteheads and blackheads found all over the face.

I was all red after the the cleaning

This is not exactly the first time that I have tried facial cleaning. I have tried it before, one year to be exact in another facial center. You can view my experience here. So when my face turned red, I was not really worried. The only thing I was worried about that time if I would break out in the next few days. You see, I seldom get pimples but when I do, you wouldn't want to look at me. Pretty scary, huh?

these were hiding inside my pores

I can't believe I have all these thingies stuck inside my pores. She said that what she collected was nothing compared to the amount she collected from other clients. That made me feel, well, hmmm better ; p

There is no pain during the entire deep cleansing procedure. The facialist concentrated in between my eyebrows, forehead, nose and chin. She applied a toner afterwards.

mineral mask

When I saw the mineral mask, I immediately thought of mud. It looks like mud but smells like metal. The mask was placed in a dish with water. The mask was then dissolved in it.

I was a bit apprehensive when I saw it. She told me that at any time I felt any itchiness on my face, she will remove the mask immediately.

with my mask on

While gently spreading the mask with a brush, my face felt a cool sensation. I was expecting a tingling sensation but all I felt was the cold mask on my face.

I asked her to reapply a second coating of the mask because the color was a bit dull in the photo. She obliged.

dry mask on

She left the room after applying the mask over my entire face. I felt the mask tightening as it dries. My forehead and the outer part of my face dried the fastest leaving the temple of my cheeks still wet. I can feel the cracks on my forehead and nose area. The facialist checked on me twice. The second time she removed the mineral mask with water and cotton balls.

After a good 15 minutes, the mask was removed. Several crack marks were found under my lower right cheeks and on the left part of my forehead. I felt panic inside me when I saw it. Madz assured me that it will go away after the treatment. I guess the mask was too tight, huh? Next time, I would just go for a single application of the mask ; p

microderm facial for 15 minutes

For me, Microderm Facial, is the best part! She handed me a mirror as she worked her way on half of my face carefully not touching my eyes. A separate tool was used for the eye area which is smaller than the one used for my face.

I can see that the red color on my face was diminishing. As she progressed, my face became whiter from the suctioning of the machine. After half of my face was done, I noticed that half of my face was clearer than the other part that was left undone.

after photo

The immediate result is tightening of the skin. If only I can let you touch my face, it is so soft to touch ; ) I am happy to announce that there was no peeling that happened in the next couple of days and no pimple breakout too. 

When I attended an event a couple of days ago, several blogger friends asked and complimented my skin. For the first time, I attended an event without any make up except my BB Cream on. 

taken right after the treatment with Madz Bacay (middle)

The entire procedure lasted for about 2 hours. will be featuring a deal on Calayan's Signature Facial valued originally at PhP5,750, now at 65% off . You can avail of three treatments for the price of one- only PhP1, 999.