Fashion Find: First Ever Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Tivoli GM

G/F Shop 7-17
Landmark Atrium
Central, Hong Kong
(852) 25232915


Someone informed me that some unscrupulous online sellers are using my photos to scam other people. Please be warned that I don't sell online stuff especially branded bags. These bags for my own personal collection. 

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Alright, guys, girls and gays! I have made my very first purchase of a Louis Vuitton bag. This is a very exciting entry. I hope you are as enthusiastic as me as I write down my experience shopping for my very first LV. You might want to check out how to spot a fake Louis Vuitton here.

Here is a little trivia... I started my blog in 2008 with a post about Louis Vuitton Eva Clutch. Now, three years later I still have not bought an Eva Clutch. BUT I got an LV Monogram Canvas Tivoli GM (M40144) instead. For me, it is a better choice. Thanks to the keen eye of DH who spotted the bag straight out of the show room. 

sneak peek on my spanking new bag

You all know I went to Hong Kong. I have been there several times but it was only in our recent trip that the itinerary was purely shopping! Yes, you read that right... S-H-O-P-P-I-N-G ; p

Read after the break for the unboxing!

I will share everything, ok? So here goes...

unboxing inside our Wifi Hotel room (l-r) LV box and paper bag

Last August 1, 2011 following the advice of two baghag friends (Regina and Angela), I went to Louis Vuitton Central in Hong Kong instead of going to the other location, Tsim Sha Tsui in Kowloon where people literally have to fall in line just to get inside the store. DH and I reluctantly went inside to see my original choice. I actually have 3 choices- Eva Clutch, Speedy 30 and Palermo PM. I ended up not buying any of the three... it happens every time hahaha

LV dust bag

The Sales Associate (SA), Chrisitna Yu, was very helpful throughout the selection of my first LV bag. She let me hold and sling over my shoulder the bags that I wanted to look at in the mirror. I was free and was able to feel the material of the bag. I took the time out to look inside the lining and the pockets of the bag. 

what's inside the dust bag

She was able to discussed with me the style and use of the bag: 

  • Palermo PM- casual everyday bag; 
  • Eva Clutch- elegant evening bag; 
  • Speedy 30- classic iconic bag; 
  • Tivoli- trendy and chic daytime to nighttime bag

complete set of the bag

What is inside the box:

  • LV Monogram Canvas Tivoli GM
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Dust bag with the word Louis Vuitton printed out
  • receipt in an envelope
  • a small card with print of the materials used

I eventually narrowed down my choices to Palermo PM and Tivoli GM. In as much as I wanted to buy Palermo PM, the longer I looked at it, the more boxy it looks. Plus, the over the body strap falls a little too short even when the strap was adjustment to the last hole. So, I ended up with Tivoli GM instead!

shoulder straps found inside the bag

The elegant Tivoli has a classic rounded shape and provides great storage capacity. With its feminine pleated Monogram canvas, this bag is ideal for everyday style about town.

back view of Tivoli GM

Size (LxHxD): 18.1" x 11" x 7.9"

-Interior mobile phone pocket
-Bottom studs to protect the base of the bag
-Zip for secure closing
-Hand or shoulder carry with adjustable handles
-Adjustable strap drop length from shoulder to top of the bag is 6.5-7.5"

Material used:

  • Coated fabric
  • Cowhide leather trim
  • Man- made lining

LV receipt

taken in MTR station the same day I got my bag

Outfit of the Day (OOTD):

  • Giordano Ladies 3D cardigan in gray
  • Mona Lisa black spaghetti strap tee
  • Esprit black shorts
  • Marks & Spencer shoes

MTR ride going back to Central the following day

In my excitement, I forgot to take photos of where I purchased my bag. DH and I went back the next day to Central to get a shot of the facade of Louis Vuitton. 

LV Tivoli GM worn as a hand bag in Louis Vuitton Central

What I like about LV Tivoli GM:

  • design
  • roomy interior
  • brass  zipper pull LV charm
  • multi functional can be hand held bag or shoulder bag

What I don't like about LV Tivoli GM:

  • carrying this bag all day can cause shoulder pain 
  • the round strap would usually fall especially when worn as shoulder bag
  • hard to close the zipper
  • bottom sags

LV Tivoli GM worn as a shoulder bag

What I am wearing:

  • Jag Jeans purple shirt
  • WareHouse tutu white
  • Ipanema Neo Maxi white
  • Essilor Transitions Lenses

taken on the ground floor of Landmark Atrium, Central

taken on the second floor of LV Landmark Atrium

There you go...  Thank you for reading my unboxing entry! I hope I have satisfied you LV cravings ; )

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