Travelogue: Horizon Plaza & Osaka Ohsho in Hong Kong

My visit: July 31 - August 3, 2011

Day 2 
a.m.- Louis Vuitton Central, Hong Kong
p.m.- Horizon Plaza
         2 Lee Wing St., 
         Ap Lei Chau, Hong Kong
Mon. to Sun. 9am to 7pm
I have so much photos taken during my short vacation in Hong Kong that I have not yet shared with you, my dear readers! Initially I thought I don't have much to show but looking at the photos inside my Hong Kong folder, there were far too many!

DH and I  

This photo was taken inside a bus on the day that I got my LV Tivoli GM. After buying my loot we went back to Wifi Hotel to unbox it and then went to Horizon Plaza in the afternoon.

Horizon Plaza is a warehouse converted into an outlet center with 28 floors full of designer clothes. You wouldn't miss a building where a Ferrari showroom at the ground floor is located, would you? ; )

Each floor housed different luxurious brands such as:

  • MaxMara Fashion Group Warehouse (27th)
  • Club Monaco Warehouse (27th) 
  • Juicy Coutture Warehose (27th)
  • Diesel Outlet (27th)
  • Armani Outlet (26th)
  • Lane Crawford Warehouse (25th) 
  • Pompei Warehouse (22nd)
  • Polo Ralph Lauren Factory Store (22nd) 
  • Joyce Boutique Ltd. (21st)  
  • Aldo (19th), Replay (19th)
  • I.T Outlet (5th)

Other floors are segregated into Furniture, Antique Furniture, Outdoor Furniture/ Entertaining, Carpet, Food & Wine, Toys & Baby Accessories section. 

I suggest taking the elevator to the topmost floor and work your way down. Toilets are located in each floor. Some shops would ask you to leave your bag in a locker, allowing you to bring only your wallet. We went on a Monday afternoon and there were not a lot of people. DH and I get to try on a lot of stuff but we went home empty handed. I know right?! All that trip for nothing lol Don't get me wrong, some stuffs are great but I already have my loot to begin with so I am keeping the money in my wallet... for now lol

We were literally lost going there. The direction I got from my online researched showed a different route. Bummer! I got a map from the reception on the ground floor and I am sharing in this wntry the bus number you have to ride to take you to Ap Lei Chau Estate where Horizon Plaza is located. 

If you are coming from:

  • Central (Exchange Square) take Citybus 90
  • Central (Ferry Piers) take NWFB 91
  • Wah Fu (South) NWFB 91A
  • Causeway Bay take Citybus 92
  • Chi FU Fa Yuen take Citybus 95C
  • Airport (Ground Trans Ctr.) take Citybus A10

All buses will lead you to Ap Lei Chau Estate. From there, take Horizon Plaza shuttle bus at Ap Lei Chau Estate Bus Terminal.

We were really hungry and I learned that walking all day was really tough. DH seems to not mind walking and window shopping all day lol Since we now know what bus to take, going back to Causeway Bay was easy. 

pineapple fried rice

We went inside Times Square Plaza. Located in the lower ground level is the fast food center. It is teeming with people. I only got seats for two in the bar like table and my feet are hanging hahaha To save seats, after each of us have ordered, I waited while DH went and pick up everything we ordered. I tell you, we ordered a lot.

The last time we were there in Hong Kong before this trip was in 2008. Guess what? The stall selling pineapple fried rice is still there! Pineapple fried rice has pork floss and raisins on top. The fried rice is inside of a carved pineapple. Love it especially if I am hungry ; p


Everywhere I go, I always searched for takoyaki balls. I was not able to find the stall selling takoyaki outside Times Square so I just settled with this order. It was alright but I still prefer the one that was sold outside. Too bad, it already closed down.


We also ordered okonomiyaki. Chopped vegetables are under the pancake with mayo and takoyaki sauce on top. 

Osaka Ohsho dumplings

We tried ordering from Osaka Ohsho dumplings. We have to get in line just to get a number because it is almost always sold out.

Osaka Ohsho's dumpling is <3!

My long weekend starts tomorrow! Have a happy long weekend everyone!