How to: Curl Your Own Hair Korean Style

I have BANGS! I had a haircut last week before we laid my mother in law to rest. According to our tradition, we cannot cut our hair for 49 days when a loved one died ; ( But you know me, I could not just settle for a trim. I decided to go for something edgy... full bangs!

Korean look

This is my second haircut after my last setting perm. My perm was totally cut off. I am left with a full bangs and limp hair. What's the next best thing to do? The solution: Do-It-Yourself curl! Read after the break for instructions...

 tools for curling my hair

Things you will need for curling your hair:

First Step: Divide hair into two equal parts

After dividing hair into two equal parts, choose one side to begin with then section it. For my hair, I divided one part into four sections.

 Second Step: Pump a pea size amount of L'Oreal Night Essence

Apply a pea size amount of L'Oreal Night Essence Leave In in one section- the section you wish to curl first. And every other section thereafter before you proceed with curling your hair.

Third Step: Brush you hair to remove tangles

You can start brushing at the section nearest your face or at the back. There is really no rule on where to start first because I tried starting at the back on one side while I started with the hair near my face on the other and the end result is pretty much the same. Remember to brush one section at a time before curling. 

Fourth Step: Curl your hair with curling iron

 Why I love my ceramic curling iron:

  • Tangle- free swivel cord
  • Dual heat switch (low/high)
  • Cool safety tip
  • Safety stand
  • I know this is inexpensive but I forgot the price because I bought this eons ago ; p ( Bad Blogger!)

I have not tried using the slide on brush yet. The box said it gives an instant curling effect. I will try to use it next time!

DIY Korean Curl Hair Style

Amazing result, right?! You can compare this photo with my Korean setting perm hair result. Total curling time: 30 minutes. The curls lasted two events and one make over.

Face Of The Day


Ok, I really have to keep tab on my pink lipsticks! This has gone beyond crazy because I am carrying 2 to 3 pink lipsticks in my bag... gah! I should write a post about it hahaha

BTW, I know I did everything right that day because the hotel waiter thought I was Korean until I spoke in Filipino lol