New find: Ryuma Ramen Restaurant in Sta. Rosa, Laguna

My visit: November 5, 2011

Ryuma Restaurant
2/F Unit 126 Paseo de Sta. Rosa
Commercial Center 4
Greenfield, Don Jose, Sta. Rosa City
049- 5028401   049-5020226   09102346932

Now that our favorite Japanese restaurant in Sta. Rosa is gone, DH and I are always on the look out for something new. When we went to Canyon Cove last log weekend, we stopped by Sta. Rosa, Laguna for lunch. A lady guard pointed us to a new Japanese restaurant called Ryuma. 

Ryuma Restaurant is one part of a complex that housed different businesses like a grocery store, a clothing store and another Japanese restaurants named Ryuma Ramen. You can seat in one restaurant and order from the menu of the other restaurant. 

Zaru Soba PhP240

Ryuma Restaurant has a smoking and non-smoking area. We were seated in the non-smoking section where there are LCD TVs mounted on two walls. Two waitresses were assigned in our area but I think the management needs to assign more especially when its full house.

Zaru Soba sidings

Whe in a Japanese restaurant, DH usually orders Zaru Soba. I am not into cold soba and any other pasta for that matter ; p

Tamago sashimi PhP130

 Asparagus Bacon PhP125

Looks good, eh? It tastes really good! Now, I know asparagus and bacon is a match!

 Saba sushi PhP100 & Salmon sushi PhP150

 Ika sashimi PhP180

Ebi sushi PhP 130

 Lapu- lapu sashimi PhP 200

Ika Sugata PhP 180

Ever since DH tasted Ika Sugata in Kikufuji, he orders it in different Japanese restaurants that we went to.  So far, he said Kikufuji tasted better than the rest. 

The thing about having interconnected restaurants is that some of our orders from the other restaurant was not placed. Sad, we had to cancel it because we were full and we waited to long ; ( 

The sushi and sashimi are inexpensive so DH and I might go back soon! Hopefully, they have adjusted well with their system so they would not forget to place our order ; p