Discover Kinosaki: Onsen, Ryokan and More!

Day 4

December 31, 2012

Kinosaki, Japan

When visiting Japan, a side trip to Kinosaki-Onsen is a must! I anticipated that we will be needing a break from our 8-day vacation so I scheduled our visit on our 4th day.

Kinosaki-Onsen* is the biggest hot spring resort in Hyogo. It is a 3-hour train ride to total bliss. We boarded the 9:04 am Limited Express Kounotori train from Shin-Osaka to Kinosaki-Onsen. We arrived as scheduled (11:51am). Unfortunately, we were not allowed to check-in at Shinonomesou until 2 in the afternoon.

Jizou Yu Onsen is one of the seven sotoyu

Kinosaki-Onsen is a place which has seven sotoyu*, a hot spring water drinking spot and a foot bath facility. If you check-in with one of the ryokan*, a tour of the seven sotoyu is already included with your board and lodging fee. Wearing the traditional yukata* and geta*, you can go around this quaint town to enjoy the indoor and outdoor public baths. 

*Onsen means hot spring
*Sotoyu is a public hot spring bath facilities
*Ryokan is a traditional Japanese style inn
*Yukata is a casual cotton kimono
*Geta is a traditional wooden Japanese footwear like clogs

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 McDonald's breakfast to-go

oh, hello Happy Meal!

a sneak peek inside the train

my breakfast- Chicken McNuggets and Barbecue Sauce

DH's Sausage McMuffin with Egg

JR-West Rail Pass Kansai Wide Area Pass

All good things must come to an end. The day we went to Kinosaki was the last day we could use our JR-West Rail Pass Kansai Wide Area Pass. We bought it for only JPY 7,000 (PhP 3,500) each. With it, we were able to access Kansai-airport Express Haruka to Shin-Osaka, go to Kyoto and back plus we get to experience a bullet train ride called Shinkansen to Kobe. It was all worth it!

it's starting to snow!

our train to Kinosaki

train tracks

those white specks are flurries

view from the station- the quaint town of Kinosaki

We passed by a market place going to our inn and here's what we saw...

giant winter crab called Kanisuki

Yes, that is the crab's price per piece. Ask your ryokan to include kanisuki with your meal... we did!

fish JPY 21,000 (PhP 10,500)

Jozouyu Bridge

should include this in funny signs: wada-ya

cute kids in their Yukata

landmark is this crab restaurant in front of the inn


We left our luggage with the reception staff. We were informed to come back at 2 pm.

we ate in the restaurant with the smaller crab sign ; p

vending machine for orders

food stubs

full house restaurant

This restaurant offers inexpensive Japanese food.

tempura JPY 800 (PhP 400)

grilled squid JPY 500 (PhP 250)

After having our lunch, we went for a walk and passed by the largest spa in Kinosaki...

public foot soak facility within Satono Yu Spa

For people who are always on the go, you can visit Satono Yu Onsen.  It is just right beside the train station.

Tajima gyu-man JPY 300 (PhP 150)

Kinosaki kani-man JPY 300 (PhP 150)

Hyogo is well-known for its Tajima beef so order Tajima gyu-man. Kinosaki kani-man is malansa... ack!

leaving you with this colorful photo I took from Kinosaki

In my next entry, I will feature our ryokan, Shinonomesou. Stay tuned!

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Discover a town called Kinosaki and its 7 onsen.

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