Discover Kyoto: Nishiki Market, Takoyaki & Kyoto Station

Day 2


December 29, 2012

Kyoto (DIY Tour)

I did not know that touring Kyoto in one day is not enough especially if you are doing everything on your own (without a tour package, that is). There are just too many things to see and places to visit. I did not even think that I would end up writing three entries about Kyoto ; p Heck, Nishiki Market alone deserves one whole entry.

When you take a peek into my itinerary, visiting Nara was scheduled on the same day since the distance from Kyoto to Nara is just short. We ended up not visiting Nara altogether, but we are definitely going to visit it when we go back to Japan.

Nishiki Market

Nishiki Market is the "Kitchen of Kyoto" lined with over 100 shops selling different kinds of ingredients. It is teh best place to get a taste of the flavor of Kyoto!

Our last stop in Kyoto is Nishiki Market. We spent an hour oohing and aahing at the amazing food ingredients plus many others that the merchants sell.

To find out more, you can read after the break. It will be loaded with lots of photos, I promise...

 Kyoto City Bus One-day pass

How to use Kyoto City Bus One-day Pass:

  1. Buy from Kyoto Station 
  2. Pay JPY 500 (PhP 250)
  3. Ride a bus
  4. Before alighting, insert the card (as shown above)
  5. DO NOT FORGET to get the card from the slot above the machine

This is how we get around Kyoto, with the Kyoto City Bus One-day pass. From Gion, we rode the bus to Nishiki Market.

 Matsumoto KiYoshi Drugtore

Matsumoto KiYoshi has so many branches all over Osaka. I bought most of my Kate by Kanebo makeup haul from this branch in Kyoto. Kate was having a sale that week. Everything was 35% off! I am in makeup heaven ; )

 dried fish

 dried squid in various sizes

 eew... I saw people eating this squid head like a BBQ!

 jumbo chestnut

 DH holding one of the jumbo chestnut

This is not an ordinary chestnut. It is twice the size of the ordinary one. We tried to bring it back to the Philippines but mildew took over... eep!

 Kinosaki Crab (winter crab)

I will tell you more about Kinosaki Crab in my next post. You will definitely drool!

 spotted Japan's version of dilis (lower right portion)


Katsuobushi is also known as Okaka. It is a Japanese name for dried, fermented and smoked skipjack tuna.

 I don't know what this is hehehe

 sake, anyone?

 fresh veggies on display

 stall selling takoyaki

 what's on the menu?

  • Jumbo Basic 6 pieces JPY 180 (PhP 90)
  • Jumbo on Cheese 6 pieces JPY 250 (PhP 125)
  • Jumbo on Spring Onions 6 pieces JPY 250 (PhP 125)
  • Jumbo on Cheese & Spring Onions (Special) 7 pieces JPY 350 (PhP 175)

 Get to know Takoyaki

 ticket ordering machine

How to order:

  1. Tell the staff if you are ordering to go or dine in
  2. Put a coin or bill into the slot provided by the machine
  3. Push the corresponding amount of your order
  4. If you have change, push the change button
  5. Take the ticket to the staff

 eagerly waiting for my order

 Jumbo Basic 6 pieces JPY 180 (PhP 90)

 me and my takoyaki

I don't know why I felt that it was too gooey. It was quite different from the takoyaki I am used to. 

 Nishiki Market also sells fresh flowers

 tuyo isdatchu?

I squealed when I saw Unagi as big as this!

 Kotohoka Kyotoniku JPY 400 (PhP 200)

This bun uses Kyoto meat, a brand of cow from Kyoto. It was tiny but it was all worth it. Ang saraaaaap!

 the stall where we bought it

 a stall selling Tofu donuts, say what?!

 canes come in colorful design and colors

 I wish we have streets like these in Manila

The side walk is wide. How wide? One car lane. Take a look at the cars and where it stopped. Yeah, not on pedestrian lane.

 Kyoto Tower at night

For Kyoto Tower's scheduled opening, read here.

 bikes not motorbikes are the mode of transportation

Bikes are way cooler than motorbikes. It's eco-friendly!

 steps leading to the roof top

 inside the bustling Kyoto Station

 go up the observation deck for free

 Kyoto Tower at night (top left)

We had fun in Kyoto! Up next the land of Kobe Beef ; p Stay tuned...

You can view the first two parts of our Kyoto adventure here and here.  To view where we stayed during our 8-day stint in Japan, visit here. Interested where we dine on our first night in Osaka? Then read here. Intrigued about the ultimate camera I bought from Canon? View from this link.

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