Kyo-Chabana & Our First Night in Osaka

December 28, 2012

Day 1

2nd floor Shin-Osaka Station
Osaka, Japan

Hello peeps! I just got back yesterday from my vacation in Osaka, Japan. I was tired from all the walking we did in and around Osaka but we had fun during our 8-day stay.

 Kyo-Chabana facade

We arrived at around seven in the evening. From the airport, we bought 2 Kansai Wide Area Passes then rode Kansai-airport Express Haruka to Shin-Osaka station. After checking in Remm Shin-Osaka, the only decent restaurant that was still open at 10:30 in the evening (last order) aside from McDonald's was Kyo-Chabana. Little did we know that Kyo-Chabana is famous in Kyoto and Osaka for its okonomiyaki. The restaurant is located one floor down from where we stayed.

Find out what we ordered after the break...

Coke 190ml JPY 315 (PhP 157.50)

It's Coke Sakto! Everything in Japan is overpriced ; p

hook and hanger available for jacket and scarf

Note the grilling station in the middle of our table. The okonomiyaki will be served hot on the grilling table.

utensils and wipes

baskets under the seats for belongings

Japanese people are honest. I once lost my one-day unlimited pass (bus/train ticket) and found it exactly where I thought I lost it.

DH hungry but still smiling for my camera

sleepy me pointing at the bestseller on the menu

Bestseller Okonomiyaki JPY 1,239 (PhP 620)

We ordered the first on the list of Top 10 Okonomiyaki. It was sooo good! It was cheesy, gooey and very tasty ; ) The shiso leaves chiffonade balanced out the taste of fresh tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and the okonomiyaki sauce.

chiffonade - very fine julienne

beef okonomiyaki JPN 934 (PhP467)

The size of one order was just like the palm of my hand. Yes, it's so tiny... we had to order two okonomiyaki from the menu.

Let me share with you some photos taken right after we landed in Osaka...

at Kansai airport

It's 7 degrees and it's freezing cold!

Outfit of the Night:

cap and scarf from Korea
coat: Mango
bag: Samsonite
shoes: Adidas
leather gloves: Ever New

Kansai-airport Express Haruka line bound for Shin-Osaka station

taken inside Kansai-airport Express Haruka

we bought non-reserved tickets seats

Haruka was clean, spacious and it even has toilets in some trains. Travel time from the airport to Shin-Osaka station is approximately one hour. You can view the timetable here.

Have a great weekend!

You can view the first part of our Kyoto adventure here and here. To view where we stayed during our 8-day stint in Japan, visit here. Intrigued about the ultimate camera I bought from Canon? View from this link

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