Discover Kinosaki: Kani Suki (Winter Crab) Meal

December 3, 2013

Kani Suki menu (Dinner)

After visiting five onsen or public baths in one afternoon, we went back to Shinonomesou. We were surprised to see what was laid out on the table - our Kani Suki dinner. It does not look that much on our table but believe me, even DH gave up eating the last few pieces. It was way too much for two persons. Don't get me wrong, we enjoyed every bit of the giant winter crab. It was a feast to say the least.

what is gluttony?

It was a complete meal with vegetables, rice and of course, the winter crab cooked in so many ways, tempura included! Oh, some crab parts were to be eaten sashimi style ; p

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top view of the table set up in our room

appetizer #1 pickled vegetables

appetizer #2 chawanmushi

cold soba with crab meat

sashimi winter crab

boiled winter crab

steamed king crab kani suki

look at those eyes looking back at me 

one huge crab

The crab tasted sweet. It was meaty, I even found meat in its legs. It's simply delicious!

king crab without its shell... it's time to eat!

King crab shabu shabu

waiting to boil
we reheated two whole king crab into the boiling pot ; p

we each have a plateful of crab tempura

apple for dessert

futon bed

view from the other side of the room

The old Japanese women cleaning our room were very efficient. After we finished our meal, they immediately cleaned the room and arranged our futon bed.

ready for another onsen visit ; )

I was actually tired and sleepy already after dinner. DH insisted we visit the last two onsen and so we did.

reception area of one of the onsen we visited that night

taken on New Year's eve

The road was already deserted by the time we left the last onsen which closed at around 11 pm. It was a chilly walk back to our hotel.

I had a good night sleep that night until I heard a loud knock on our door the next morning. Ok, I am saving that for another entry hahaha

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