Toilet/Potty Training at 1!

I wanted to start toilet training #babyMartinez so I can save on diapers. It's too costly, just yesterday I bought a pack that cost more than PhP 500... waaaaaaah! That, plus I want to be environment-friendly. So as soon as she turned one, I started to toilet/potty train her. Since I still don't have any idea when she will pee, I figured I should start with number 2 then progress from there. But that's just me, okay!

 princess potty training cushioned seat approx. PhP 300

She is already familiar with bathroom especially the toilet because she used to see me using it during the time when we have no nanny. Anyway, the first attempt was a success. She was not uneasy at all, she sat patiently and the whole duration lasted for only five minutes. 

Oh, and I sing to her "It's potty time! Potty, potty, potty time!" while holding her hands. That calms her, as if we were just playing ; )

My cousin, who is a doctor practicing in Vietnam, sent me a document about Toilet Training Assessment. If you want to know more about it, read after the break...

 close up of princess potty training cushioned seat

If the design looks familiar, it is because it's the same one that's found on her wall. You can view it here. I am lucky to find the last remaining one. I wanted to buy two, one for my toilet seat because she sleeps with me at night. I bought a Disney Princess instead (photo below).

 what the potty seat looks like when fitted on her toilet seat

The toilet seat in her play room is odd in shape that's why there's a gap in front. Check out the other one I got for my room below.

 Disney Princess potty training cushioned seat approx. PhP 300

This Disney Princess design comes with a hanger and a removable splash guard (see photo below).

 Disney Princess design fits perfectly well with my toilet seat

I bought both designs from SM Sta. Mesa.

 Princess pillow case PhP 199.75

To add to my growing number of princess collection, I also bought this Duchess Cherry Blossom Pillow case from SM. The brand is Castle for my Baby. It is made of Swiss Cotton and it is hypo-allergenic.

 princess laundry bag PhP 799

if I remember it right, I found this princess laundry bag in DIY Handyman (senior moment).

Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner in Floral Scent

I want to share the toilet bowl cleaner I used on both rooms, it's from Lysol. I bought it from S&R, it's but one take one so it's inexpensive ; p I love the floral scent too. I have to hoard more of this stuff when I go back lol

Before I forget, I am sharing the link for Toilet Training Assessment, you can find it here.

What about you? When did you start potty training your baby?

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