50% off at Kimpura with Metrobank Platinum Peso Mastercard and Metrobank World Mastercard

September 6, 2013

Level 3, Trinoma Park
EDSA cor North Ave.,
Quezon City
9010813   9010692

I almost forgot to blog about the 50% off promo at Kimpura until I saw photos in my file ; p  Anyway, I don't have a Metrobank credit card but two of my friends have Metrobank Platinum Mastercard / Metrobank World Mastercard so we were able to avail of the promo.

 Black Angus Ribeye Steak PhP 995 497.50

One of my friends ordered Wagyu Ribeye for PhP 3500 (PhP 1750)... whoa! The rest of us decided to order just one Black Angus Ribeye Steak to share. We figured Wagyu was way too expensive even with the 50% off price tag ; p

The photo you see above is my portion of the beef, it was enough to satiate my appetite ; ) Want to see what else we ordered? Read more after the break...

 Teppanyaki table

The four of us were seated in a Teppanyaki table together with a family of 3.

 Prawn PhP 445 222.50

There's only 3 pieces of prawn in one order but these are huge Tiger prawns. It is good enough to share between 4 ladies.

 Tofu Steak PhP 195 97.50

I don't really like Tofu but the generous amount of mushrooms make up for my distaste of the dish.

 Ebi Tempura PhP 540 270

We were disappointed when Ebi Tempura was served on our table. The batter was brown, I guess the kitchen does not have time to change the oil used for frying with so many diners that night. The restaurant should have a stricter rule on quality control, Kimpura is considered a Japanese fine dining restaurant after all.

 Special California Roll PhP 395 197.50

I love unagi (eel) while my friend likes California roll so we compromised and ordered one Special California Roll. You can either choose avocado or mango filling. We chose the latter.

 Shime Saba suhi PhP 90 45

I ordered my all-time favorite sushi- Shime Saba (Mackarel).

 counter clockwise from left: seafood, sushi, tempura and steak sauce

Mixed Fried Rice PhP 77 38.50

 Crab Salad PhP 185 92.50

Aside from Mixed Fried Rice, my friend ordered a Crab Salad to share. 

 Japanese salad included in Black Angus set

Black Angus Set includes a Japanese salad, a miso soup and a dessert of your choice (fresh fruit in season- most of the time it's pineapple, buco sherbet or coffee jelly).

A 10% Service Charge will be added to your bill. Promo is until the end of September. Excluded in the promo are Bento, Teppanyaki Combo Specials and Ramen Lunch. 50% off promo is available on Mondays thru Fridays from 11:30am to 2pm (lunch) and 6:00pm to 10:00pm (dinner).

The night didn't end there, we had desserts in Vanilla Cupcake Bakery after. Till my next post!

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